Lane of Roses is a 501c3 tax-deductible nonprofit for women to explore faith, share stories, and connect to community. When you donate to the Lane of Roses General Fund your dollars go towards basic ministry fees which allow God to continue to grow Lane of Roses.

Prefer to donate in check form? That's good too. Simply send a check to P.O. Box 154 Lexington, KY 40588


Lane of Roses Bible Studies help empower women all over the world to know who God is and who they are in light of His truths.
Our goal is to have 20 Bible Studies in women's homes all over the world in 2019. You can help us reach this goal and empower more women to know God's good news by signing up to be 1 of the 11 people we need to give $125 monthly.
Your $125 monthly investment allows us to start up a new Bible Study in a new city, empowering women to know they were made on purpose and for a purpose. Click the button below to make your monthly gift.   

Camisha's Bible Study Story


Every week we receive over 20 prayer requests from women all over the world via social media and email. That's over 1,000 prayer requests a year.
Prayer is such a powerful way to engage women in learning more about who Jesus is.
This year we would like to provide a prayer hotline where women can send in text messages or call to receive real-time prayer. 
We hope to see God use this prayer hotline to create more conversations with women about Jesus. 
You can help us get this hotline started by creating a monthly gift of $10. 
We need 10 people to sign up to give $10 monthly. Will you be one of our 10? Click the button below to create your monthly gift. 
God has blessed us with the opportunity to work with over 60 women through our Ambassador Teams in 2018. 
Our Ambassadors serve through writing our Daily Devotions, leading a weekly Bible study, sharing stories of hope on social media, or being a light for God in their sorority houses.
Each Ambassador is trained on how to use their specific God-given gifts to grow the Kingdom. We equip them with onsite training and disciple them through one-on-one relationships. Our goal is to
create disciple-makers for life. 
We receive at least 1 application every week from a potential ambassador, but we cannot continue to grow our teams without your help. 
Will you make a 1 time donation of $50 to sponsor 1 woman to become equipped through one of our Lane of Roses Ambassador teams?
Click the button below to give! 



God used Lane of Roses Videos to empower over 4,500 women they were made on purpose and for a purpose.
You can checkout our Emoji Gospel Video below. God has been using this video as a resource for people to accept Christ online.
The total cost to produce 1 Lane of Roses Faith Video is $250. 
Our goal is to produce 2 videos per month in 2019. Will you help us empower more women all over the world to know they were made on purpose and for a purpose by donating a 1 time gift of $250? 
Click the button below to donate!


On the corner of Rose Lane and Rose Street is where it all started. Our founder (Katie Humphress) would go up and down Sorority Row at the University of Kentucky telling young women how God changed her life. She would then meet those who signed up to learn more about a relationship with God for coffee to share the Gospel with them. 
Lane of Roses continues to do this every fall. And this year we were able to share with over 1,000 Greek women how God changed our lives. 
Our prayer and hope for next year is to take the Rose Lane Project on the road to the University of Pikeville, but we need your help. The total yearly cost to pull of our Rose Lane Project is $6,500. 
Would you help us reach our goal by making any donation size? If so, simply click the link below to give! When you do, you allow us to tell more women God made her on purpose and for a purpose - a truth that changes  lives forever!

As a 501c3 nonprofit, our ministry is made possible by God's provision through generous gifts from our Mission Partners and Sponsors.