Welcome to the Family of God!

Below, in no particular order, are some of the first steps to help you strengthen your new relationship with God. Remember, any relationship takes time. You have started a journey with God, and we are so excited for your new adventure.


Get a Bible

The Bible is the written Word of God, and there are many different translations you can read! We recommend the New Living Translation because it's very readable. Buy a hard copy on Amazon by clicking here:  The Jesus Bible. If a hard copy of the Bible isn't in your budget, we LOVE the free app by Bible Gateway. You can download the Bible free or read it online by clicking the button below. 


Read the Bible

The Bible is God's Love Story to you! We recommend starting with the book of John because it summarizes the story of Jesus' love for you. To get you started, we linked the book of John on Bible Gateway in the New Living Translation below:


Talk to God

Prayer is one way to talk to God - it's a conversation! In the Message translation of the Bible, Matthew 5 describes how to start praying: "Here’s what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace." Below, we've attached some sample prayers to get the conversation started between you and God.


Connect to Community

You're invited to Lane of Roses Bible Study! If we don't have one near you, you can sign up to be trained as a Bible Study Ambassador to start one in your community. If you don't feel comfortable starting a Bible Study, check out Bible Study Fellowship - a group of Bible Studies with chapters around the world. Also, be sure to research and attend a local church in your area. 



Baptism is an outward expression of your inward decision to follow Christ. Click below for an article that answers common questions about baptism:


Additional Resources

Fake IDs by Katie Humphress is the book that started Lane of Roses! Read how our founder, Katie, started a relationship with God and learned who He really is and how He sees her. God sees you based on your potential, not your mistakes!


Daily Devotions are written by Lane of Roses Writing Ambassadors. They share a verse, a personal reflection, and reflection questions to help you spend time with God. 


The Bible Project is a non-profit we recommend you to check out. They create videos that share the story of the Bible in really cool, visual ways.

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