by Katie Humphress

The book based on Lane of Roses


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Ever pretend to be somebody you're not? Base your value as a person on what someone else thinks? Settle for a "crappy relationship" because it's what you think you deserve? If so, you're in good company.

Katie Humphress shares her journey of self-discovery in a very real, raw, and often hilarious way. In the past, when she achieved a goal or snagged a boyfriend, it was never enough. She was never enough. She thought God was watching her every move like a hawk - just waiting for her to mess up. She was shocked to learn that He loved and accepted her, flaws and all. 

If you're in the process of finding yourself - your worth and your purpose - then this book is for you. Laugh and cry as you read the shocking message of Fake IDs: 

God loves you. You don't suck.


100% of proceeds from Fake IDs go directly towards Lane of Roses non-profit. 

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The Book

Read all about Lane of Roses founder Katie's story of how everything changed when she discovered her true identity. 

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The Study Guide


Katie Humphress tells her story of self-discovery in Fake IDs, and this guide is designed for you to walk through as you read Fake IDs and discover what it means to live out YOUR Authentic Identity.