by Katie Humphress

The book based on Lane of Roses


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Ever pretend to be somebody you're not? Base your value as a person on what someone else thinks? Settle for a "crappy relationship" because it's what you think you deserve? If so, you're in good company.

Katie Humphress shares her journey of self-discovery in a very real, raw, and often hilarious way. In the past, when she achieved a goal or snagged a boyfriend, it was never enough. She was never enough. She thought God was watching her every move like a hawk - just waiting for her to mess up. She was shocked to learn that He loved and accepted her, flaws and all. 

If you're in the process of finding yourself - your worth and your purpose - then this book is for you. Laugh and cry as you read the shocking message of Fake IDs: 

God loves you. You don't suck.


100% of proceeds from Fake IDs go directly towards Lane of Roses non-profit. 

Read all about Lane of Roses founder Katie's story of how everything changed when she discovered her true identity. 

The Book


Katie Humphress tells her story of self-discovery in Fake IDs, and this guide is designed for you to walk through as you read Fake IDs and discover what it means to live out YOUR Authentic Identity.

The Study Guide

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