Learn More About Who God Created You to Be With the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test!

Ever wonder what makes you tick? God created you on purpose and for a purpose, and Myers-Briggs can help you discover who God created you to be. 

Lane of Roses Executive Director Rebekah Perryman is an MBTI-certified practitioner available to meet with you, your spouse, or your team to walk you through what your Myers-Briggs letters mean for living out your God-given purpose faithfully in your lane.

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Lane of Roses Staff Member, Rebekah Perryman, is trained in walking people through their results, guiding them in an analysis of what their results mean and equipping them to live out their God given potential to the fullest.

Learning about my Myers-Briggs letters has helped me see myself in a whole new way - a healthy, Godly way. I have always struggled with insecurities, and often wondered why I am the way I am. But meeting with Rebekah and learning in depth about my personal test results has helped me grow in confidence, and helped me better understand myself! Plus Rebekah makes it fun and so easy to understand!


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Take the official MBTI Assessment!

With nuanced, bias-free questions and detailed results, the official Myers-Briggs test from MBTI is available to you through certified practitioner Rebekah Perryman. When you sign up, she will send you your test and instructions virtually within 24 hours. No consultation is included in this $30 test cost, but you can sign up for one above! The cost of the test IS included in each of the consultation prices above.