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For years, I avoided professional counseling because I was sure my problems would just "go away" on their own. I was hoping to magically forget some painful memories I racked up in college. However, to my surprise, solid Christian counseling fast-tracked my journey to freedom in Christ and I highly recommend it. I could have saved myself years of angst if I had just gone sooner!

Located in Central Kentucky, Southland Christian Church has about 80 lay counselors across all 3 campuses and 21 professional Christian counselors. There is no cost for lay counselors and reduced rates with professional counselors. You do not have to be a member of the church to receive these services. A trained staff member talks with each person initially in order to make the most appropriate connection either to a lay or professional counselor and then to the specific person that would be the best fit for what you are walking through.

Click here to visit Southland's counseling options.


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