How to Start a Bible Study

Please don't feel like you have to be a Bible genius to start a Bible Study. Bible Studies are just an organized way to develop deeper connections. Sometimes just showing up and caring is the most loving thing you can do so if you are starting one- good for you! After all, the two greatest commands of Jesus are #1 love God, and #2 love others!!

Here are some tips for how to structure a bible study:

  1. Invite a few friends.

  2. Provide a snack or drinks to break the ice in a group. Um, I provide fresh fruit. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

  3. Lay ground rules- what is said in the group, stays in the group! Trust is important for maximum sharing!

  4. Meet at the same time, same place for easier communication. Keep the group time to no more than 1 hour!! It is fun to meet for 3 hours the first time, but who can realistically meet that long once a week? I wouldn't go back, would you?

  5. Select what you want to study together. Check out Lane of Roses Shop for Bible Study resources.

  6. Share! Have guests introduce themselves and tell the group their "high" of the week.

  7. Be vulnerable - if you open up, others will too!

  8. Pray! Have each girl list a "low" (a prayer request) of her week and ask someone to pray for group.

  9. Challenge (in a happy, non-annoying way) each girl to memorize verse from what you studied or to journal about their takeaway.... and/or you can also have an uplifting group challenge “write a sweet note to someone in your life” or “support a friend by helping them with a daunting task."

Additional Ideas:

*Call or text each girl personally once a week to ask how you can pray for her. If she has had a cool experience that week, have her share it with the group when you meet!

*For girls wanting to “go deeper” you can always start an OPTIONAL bible reading challenge. Try to read an entire book of the bible in one month. Make it fun!!! Those who finish the Bible challenge can win a small prize. But remember, helping someone else is always the key to growing deeper spiritually. God tells us to love Him and love others.

*Assign each girl a partner. Come up with an accountability question (usually relates to a struggle or goal) and have the girls text their partner the accountability question each week.

*Set up a facebook page/GroupMe to communicate and have fun.

*If prayer request time lasts forever, one option is to have a secretary collect prayer requests for the week by email and print them off to pass out during the group meeting... as long as everyone feels comfortable sharing that way. Note - Share request often take longer, but it also a time where girls tend to open up.

Check out our Shop for Bible Study Resources

If you have more questions about how to start a Bible Study, contact us!



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