How to Know He is The One

There are great men out there! They do exist, and they are worth waiting for. No guy is perfect, but you do not have to settle for crappy guys. There is a man who wants to treat you like you are the only girl in the world. Don’t you want that story? Don’t you want that man?

Stop setting. It is so not worth it!

So how do we sort through all the guys in the world to find the good men? Below are 10 ways to know he is the one.

#1 He shares the same values as you

If your ideas on life do not match up, it will eventually become a difficult spot in your relationship. This one is hard because you often feel like you can compromise and tolerate each other’s opposite views, but when tough life decisions come your way, having the same values will matter!

#2 He brings you joy

Relationships are all about the little things. We can’t live in a cycle of perpetual grand gestures! Look for the little things your man does for you. Does it make you smile and you can’t explain why? That’s joy!

#3 He puts you before every Earthly thing

Does he call you before he makes plans? Wait for you to eat dinner? Or get off work early to be on time for an important event in your life? Patrick, my husband, puts me first in every situation. I never thought I would get a guy like that. Men that do this are so worth waiting for!

#4 He’s interested in what interests you

If a guy cares about you, he will care about what interests you. My husband used to take notes after our dates to remember all the things I loved! He put those notes to good use by planning dates he knew I would appreciate. Does Patrick love to walk for hours on end? No, but he planned a picnic date in the park where we walked and talked the whole evening because he knew that it would mean the world to me.

#5 He serves you

I know what you are thinking: it’s the 21st century, I don’t need a man to serve me. It’s not a matter of need or even desire, it’s simply what a good man does. As women, we need to learn how to receive this kind of gesture! Don’t you want a man that prays for you, opens up your car door and cleans the dishes after dinner? I’m all for being a strong woman, but I love that my man supports me through serving me daily.

#6 He protects you

My heart broke the day I found out it was not socially acceptable to marry my Dad. Who was ever going to protect me like my Daddy? Patrick makes me feel safe like my Dad did when I was little. Love protects, and a man worth dating desires to shield you from all life’s hurts.

#7 He is patient with you and others

We all have days where we fly off the handle and desperately need someone, anyone, to not look at us like we are off our rocker! Don’t you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who will love you through your crazy days? One time I threw water at Patrick out of impulse and you want to know what he did? Smiled at me, kissed my forehead and cleaned up the mess. Now that’s patience!

#8 His words are kind

If you are anything like me the sticks and stones reference as a child did not hold much weight. Words hurt. What is said to you and how it is said can affect what you think of yourself. So don’t settle for a jerk who talks to you like you’re a piece of dirt. Rather, choose a guy who knows your worth and tells you he loves you every single day.

#9 You miss him

Okay this may be cheesy overload, but sometimes I miss Patrick even when we are in the same room. I can’t explain it, but it’s a real emotion and it’s really bizarre. I believe missing someone is a sign of how much they mean to you, and that’s a sign worth paying attention to.

#10 He dreams with you

Do not settle for a guy who won’t dream alongside you! You want a man that not only listens to your dreams, but helps make them a reality. Having someone to hope with and pray with is invaluable. Dreaming together is one of my favorite parts of marriage, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on that kind of joy.

At a young age, I decided not to settle when it came to my dating life (thanks to my very wise older sister). I spent my prime dating years single. Very single (if that’s even a thing). The first guy I ever seriously dated I now call my husband. He was my first kiss and the first man I ever loved! Patrick and I want every woman to know you are worth having, good men do exist and you don’t need to settle!

Please remember it’s not about having a laundry list of expectations, but having a Godly perspective when you enter the dating world. Choose God first. Use the filter, and trust the Author of your story!

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