Tips for Long Distance Friendships

I entered college with the desire for friendship. I was ready to start over, and I prayed every day the summer prior to my freshmen year that God would send me friends. He answered that prayer immediately upon arrival to the University of Kentucky. He surrounded me with love and gave me a community to lean on, laugh with and grow together.

After college, it was like God was playing some kind of joke on me as I watched my friends, one-by-one, leave. And I’m not talking the next city over kind of move. They began their new lives in new states. Not even bordering states. They were no longer a quick drive away, and distance really does make the heart grow fonder…

There are days I miss my friends so much that I cry. Buckets of tears stream down my face as my husband looks at me in panic wondering if he needs to buy me the next plane ticket out of here. I wish teleportation was a thing. Then I could zap myself into their living rooms and grab that hug technology has yet to create.

Long distance friendships are challenging. Yet, post-college they are a reality. Here are 4 tips for staying close even with thousands of miles between you.

Communicate regularly

Talk, text, Facetime or go old school and write a letter (who doesn’t love getting mail?). Communication is key for any friendship. Plan it, set up phone dates and stick to them. Write the phone date in your calendar and tell yourself it is a mandatory appointment.

In the midst of texting and Snapchatting (I’m mostly on the receiving end the Snapchat because I am a granny) my friends and I try to talk on the phone at least once a month. That phone call has made all the difference in us staying close.

Support them

Whether they are running a 5K or starting a new job, be your friend’s biggest cheerleader. Write a social media post, blow up their phone with a crazy amount of texts or call them to see how it went. Being far away is no excuse. Root them on as they achieve their goals and chase after their dreams. That’s what friends do and no amount of distance should change that.

Plan trips to see them

This one can be tricky due to time-off stipulations and finances (let’s face it, we are all poor after college). However, I have yet to regret any money spent or any vacation time taken to visit one of my friends. Saying goodbye never gets easier, but the time you spend with them is more priceless than it ever was.

So plan a visit. Be a part of their new world for a few days. Make it an adventure. Look at your calendar and set a date. You won’t regret it!

Pray for them

Swapping prayer requests back and forth helps my friends and I stay close on a deeper level. Every time I bow my head and pray for my friends I feel, for a moment, I’m part of their everyday life again. It’s a supernatural kind of feeling, and it keeps us all connected. There are few things as sweet as knowing your friend is praying for you.

Ask your friends how you can pray for them and do it. It’s that simple!

No matter the distance, stay close to the friends who have made a difference in your life. They will only continue to do so.

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