This generation is in constant pursuit of great things. Everyone wants great plans, a great story, and a great life. Modern lifestyles have allowed everyone to decide how they are going to share themselves behind a screen, while inadvertently putting a mask on the real, beautiful person living the story. In a world of uncertainty and ambiguity, how can you find the greatness everyone expects out of you? In the midst of this life, it can be hard to avoid being bogged down in self-hate or questioning. When I became a Christian, I could not wrap my head around the fact that I actually mattered. How can you conceptualize the fact that this guy named Jesus, thousands of years ago, came to this world and died for me to be born again? He died so each day, when my feet hit the floor, I can live a life free of judgment and fear of death. That is a lot to take in, especially when it is hard to find someone who will hold the door open for you when walking out of the grocery store. Why in the world did He do something so special, so great, for us? Love. A love so unfailing and unfaltering that no matter what, it is present and constant. A love so sweet, it leads Christians across the planet to help others and spread the word of our Father. This love is enough, and I just want to remind you how loved you truly are. No matter what you are struggling with, how hard of a week you have ahead of you, or the challenges you just cannot seem to dodge in life, you are taken care of. Better than that, you are worth dying for. And you are loved more than words can express. When you are questioning what you are doing or feeling down, look up. Look to the One who loved you enough to die for you. Look to Jesus, because no matter what is happening in your life, He is there to guide you. “He must become greater; I must become less.” ​-John 3:30 This story is not about us. Our lives are not about making us the focal point of everything or rising above expectations to impress others. He is there to make you the greatest version of yourself, by knowing and sharing Him with each breath you take and step you travel. In your daily pursuit of great things, do not forget the greatest pursuit of all – your relationship with God. The more you know Him, the less searching for Instagram likes, coffee dates or “greatness” matters, because this world cannot offer the satisfaction He does. Life can be messy, but it is a beautiful mess. A wonderful journey of mistakes, successes and paths that are made straight only by Him. So, I challenge you to start loving yourself in the best way possible – by writing your story with God as your focus. Work daily on your relationship with Him. Stop worrying, wandering and wishing to be someone or something you are not, because you are beautifully made and wonderfully loved. You are loved. You have been made new. And through it all, our great God will lead you where the world cannot – just trust in Him.

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