What's My Mission Field

Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. -Matthew 28:19

Growing up, The Great Commission kind of freaked me out. Where did God want me to go? When was I supposed to go? How was I going to get there?

Details, God, I need details!

Later in life, God gave me some much needed perspective on this verse tucked away at the end of Matthew. I was at Passion (an amazing Christian conference) when Louie Giglio broke this verse down. He explained that the word go actually means as you go in the original greek language.


As you go in this life, show people Jesus and teach them about what He did. Our life is our mission field.

Now I know the details of where I’m going really don’t matter all that much as long as I take Jesus with me. God calls each one of us to a different story. He gives all of His children specific gifts, and He wants us to choose how we are going to use them to glorify His name (see Katie’s blog on Know Your Purpose to learn more about God’s glory).

God has given us a story and a purpose for that story. How does God want you to use your story to complete The Great Commission?

Use the questions below to help you discern your mission field. Then Go and take God with you.

What do you value?

Someone once told me you’ll know what you value by figuring out what makes you mad. It’s so true! For example, I value justice which directly links to why I can’t stand when a person gets away with doing wrong.

Now every time I get mad,I think about what value of mine has been broken. Value leads to passion. Take that passion and use it for God. God wants you to love what you do. He wants His children to find joy in serving Him.

What do you find yourself praying for?

What are you constantly talking to God about? If you’re praying about it, you more than likely care about it. And maybe you care about it because God wants you to.

What brings you joy?

If you LOVE social media, then use Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat to encourage your followers through posting verses.

If you enjoy a good Netflix and chill night, then invite some people over once a week to create community.

God does not want us to be miserable in serving Him. He loves us and knows joy is contagious. If you are loving what you are doing, you will shine bright for Him!

What are your strengths?

What are you good at? What are your gifts? Maybe you are great at encouraging people; then start getting intentional about writing people notes or texting them once a week.

Whatever you are good at, do it and take God as you go!

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