9 Things I've Learned in 9 Months of Marriage

When Patrick first started to pursue me I thought he had a girlfriend. True story! So for the first 2 months I was clueless (whoops). To be honest, I probably would have been clueless no matter what! There were few men before Patrick entered the scene and none were serious relationships. I had little to no experience in the dating department...poor guy, he was trying so hard and I kept thinking he was simply being a good friend.

Eventually I got the hint and we said “I do” on September 25th, 2015. Nine months has flown by, yet some days I feel like we’ve been married forever. Marriage is a blast! When people ask me, “How’s married life?” I always respond with, “It’s great, I definitely recommend it!”

I used to dream about the guy I was going to marry and I am beyond thankful God knows me better than I know myself. My man is nothing like I dreamed he would be; he’s better, and it’s a blessing to get to do life with him everyday.

I have always loved to learn, and marriage often feels like entering a new lecture hall every day. Below are 9 things I’ve learned in 9 months of marriage, and I’m certain there is more to come!


My husband does not have superpowers and therefore cannot read my mind. Communication is key!


Apparently, I drink loudly. I never knew this about myself, but thanks to Patrick’s discovery I know about it and can’t seem to fix it. Sooooo, sorry if you ever get dinner with us and have to sit next to me...gulp, gulp, gulp!


Love grows. When you think you can’t possibly love them anymore, BAM, you do!


Your wedding day will not be the best day of your life, but it will be one of your favorite days! Our wedding day was so much fun and I would relive it over and over again, but I’m telling you few things are sweeter than getting to wake up next to each other in the morning and doing life together everyday!


I can share a bathroom with a boy. It’s really not bad, but my husband is a germaphobe/clean freak so maybe I lucked out!

#6 ​

There is no such thing as a perfect wife...there’s just a me. And according to Patrick I will always be more than enough!


You will have some of the dumbest arguments. Fight fair, it’s worth it!


How you learn about Jesus and pursue a relationship with Him will look different than how your spouse does. Embrace the difference, we are not created to be robots!


Praying together is one of the best things you can do for your marriage. Do it often.

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