Dear Younger Me: Emily

The truths we learn when we are young stay with us when we’re old, so it’s really important to make sure that the truths we believe align with God’s truth! Growing up, I believed a lot of lies about myself and God. Now that I know the truth, I wish I could go back and tell my middle school self these 10 things:

  1. You matter

  2. Your feelings are valid

  3. Your life doesn’t begin when you get a boyfriend

  4. Stop trying so hard to fit in

  5. God gave you your talents and passions for a reason, so go use them

  6. If he doesn’t like you, someone else will

  7. Set up boundaries for your relationships (friendships and dating)

  8. If a boy is mean to you, he’s not flirting - he’s just rude

  9. You belong to God

  10. You’re already beautiful

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