Interview with a Dietician

Dr. Lisa Carson is a naturopath, a doctor who specializes in natural medicine and diet and lifestyle counseling. Her passion for well-living translates into her work of helping her patients achieve digestive health! I got the chance to ask Dr. Carson some questions about food, one of my favorite is a hobby right? As a college student, eating well can be really hard, but Dr. Carson had some great tips on how to live well inside and out!

What food advice would you give to a college student who can’t afford to buy all organic food?

Eat clean! Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats. No processed foods.

Is organic food the key to healthier living, or is it all about portion control?

The key to a healthier diet is fresh, non GMO, non processed foods.

Eating 2-3 healthy meals and not snacking in between (unless health reasons warrant otherwise) is crucial.

Not eating within 3 hours of going to bed at night is optimal.

Not drinking more than 4 oz of a liquid with food. (Your tissues are designed to be 80%water, so get it in. But do this between meals so you don't dilute the digestive enzymes you were given at birth).

Chewing your food thoroughly is huge for digesting the foods well. Without digesting the foods well, one isn't able to feed the cells optimally- the reason why we were designed to eat in the first place.

What kind of food would you steer clear from, and what kind would you eat more of?

I would not eat processed foods (including sugar). Whole, fresh foods are what our bodies are designed to consume. If it didn't grow naturally, then it wasn't intended to nourish your body.

Is it better to have three equal meals a day, or is it better to eat small snacks between meals?

It is better to have 2-3 meals a day (if you are not challenged with a health condition). Your digestive system needs time to do its job. If you keep putting food in, it doesn't have time to digest the previous meal and the food can create a toxic mix. This isn't healthy.

What is your biggest tip for cutting back without cutting out?

Keep the junkie snacks out!

If you could tell your younger self anything about food health, what would it be?

God designed food for us, to feed our over 50 trillion cells (actually, the mitochondria in our cells). Your cells absorb whatever you put in it, whether good or bad. You were given digestive enzymes for the sole purpose of breaking the nutrients apart in the food into small molecules so your cells could absorb the nutrients. So chew your food well, so you can complete this process and optimally feed your body.Your body is growing new cells every day. Let them be the healthiest new cells possible. Then you can honor God and have the energy and youthfulness to complete the work He has for you on this earth!


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