3 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Years ago, when my husband & I were dating, I did something vveerrryyy sneaky. I found a chart on his wall titled “Life Goals,” and even though it was clearly personal...I read it! I mean, it was on the wall. But anyway...I read it CLOSELY.

One of his goals, I remember like it was yesterday, was to be married and have two kids in the next seven years. I liked the sound of that...and you know what? It happened!

So did many of his other goals. In fact, his chart was so effective, I applied it to my own life and experienced similar results. One of my dreams was to someday write a book, and a couple of years ago--I did!

Here is what I learned about goal-setting from Anthony’s chart over twelve years ago.

3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals:

  1. Dream Big! Think of your future life--maybe 10, 20, 50 years down the road. What does your life look like in the following areas: intellectual, physical, spiritual, family, social, & financial? Are you sitting on a porch with family and friends? The President of a major company? It’s okay to dream.

  2. Make a plan. Write down your dreams & make a plan. Now that you have an idea of what your dream life *could* look like, break down your life goals into less-overwhelming increments. If neurosurgeon is on your list, you might want to look into some med schools. FYI, Neurosurgeon was not on my list. But if it’s on yours, you’ll need to break down your goals into segments so you can chip away at your goal.

  3. Be Consistent. You’ve taken a bigger goal, like “be a neurosurgeon in __ years” & added some details you will need to accomplish to get you there. Maybe one idea was to join a particular study group Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Well, get those times in your schedule! Goal by goal, refer to your plan and adjust accordingly. I personally think Google calendar is best to get your goals on your calendar.

Click here to see the GOALS download my husband gave me years ago. It works! Fill it out, check it often, and you’ll be amazed at the results. Not every goal I’ve ever had has come true, and a lot of goals I thought I wanted--well--changed. That’s okay! But these three steps have been helpful for me to reach many of them I may have let go by the wayside.


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