Resources to Discover who God Created you to be

You were destined to love the person you were created to be.

You were created to be you for a purpose.

The little bits and pieces of your personality all add up to meaning; they are puzzle pieces for a grand plan. A grand plan you can choose to be part of.

You are part of a bigger story.

A story where you belong to the Creator (God). In this story, He meets you where you are and offers you love.

Our Creator made us exactly who we are for a reason and it is a waste of time to look in the mirror and hate on ourselves. It does no one any good to spend countless hours in self-loathing.

Decide today to start loving who God made you to be. Live out of the overflow of that truth!

Below are some great resources to help you understand who God made you to be and how He desires to use you for His grand plan.

The Me I Want to Be, becoming God’s best version of you by John Ortberg

God adores you and wants you to become “you-ier!” This book helped me to realize God didn’t want to change me; He wanted me for me! Giving my life to God didn’t mean giving up “me.” God met me where I was and continues to mold me into the best version of me.

Myers Briggs

First of all, personality tests are fun (and this one is extra fun because it’s FREE), but this one in particular gave me a why behind my personality tendencies. For example, why do I have to always be around people...because I’m a raging extrovert. I encourage you to take this test and begin to understand how God made you. This test will give you a new perspective on all your relationships and give you deeper understanding of how you connect best with God.

Spiritual Gifts Test

This is a great (free) resource to help you understand your natural gifts and how they can help others learn more about who God is!

Strengths Finder Test

Strengths Finder isn’t free, but it is another wonderful tool to help you discover how you were naturally wired.

All these resources guide you to discover who God created you to be and how to use your gifts to pursue your God-given dream!

You have a plan for your life? Well so does God, and His plan is even better than you could ever imagine. Start loving who He made you to be so you can discover your God-given dream!


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