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I’m Tyla Howard, and I am the person behind all things Smile Seeker Movement. There have been many instances that have shaped me to become who I am today. But first, here’s a bit of the fluffy facts about me. I study a Business Degree full-time, I’ve also been working full-time as a marketing officer, as well as working a part-time job as a swimming teacher, volunteering at my amazing Youth Group, and running the Smile Seeker Movement. Things get a little chaotic on my end, but that’s where Jesus comes in. His grace proves unwavering time and time again. It is literally my lifeline when the busy storms hit.

When I’m not pouring my energy into all of the above, I am either drawing random scribbles, painting random blobs, spending time with my amazing friends and family, volunteering at my church, in the confectionary aisle at the supermarket, or at the local pet shop jaw-dropping over a cute pooch!

I grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa, and moved to Australia when I was 6. A big part of who I am was formed from my experience of witnessing poverty caused by the political corruption in Zimbabwe. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we get worried over is how many likes we get on Instagram, but in Zimbabwe when people wake up, the first thing they’re worrying about is whether they’re going to get food that day. It has really shaped my perspective to how I view the world. It has taught me to not take the “first world problems” seriously, and to be thankful for the basics: feeling safe and protected, having hope, being healthy etc.

I have had the privilege of knowing God all my life, and He really had His hand over my family and me in our times in Zimbabwe.

My big passion for people has been birthed from seeing the mateship of Zimbabweans when facing the atrocities that happen there. Out of my passion for people, the Smile Seeker Movement was created. Originally, it started out as a dodgy blogging platform - no joke, when I think back to it, it makes me cringe! For as long as I can remember, Jesus has been dropping little creative gems that share His heart, and that also help people on their journey. I originally predicted an audience of about 10 of my closest family and friends would read my dodgy little blog back then. Little did I know, Jesus had other ideas! It just goes to show that when we offer our gifts and talents to Jesus, He makes a way with them! I had no idea it would progress into the Smile Seeker Movement gaining traction from people all over the world!

I have been completely humbled by how Jesus has used the Smile Seeker Movement to impact the lives of so many! The feedback I receive always melts my heart into a little puddle on the floor. I’ve received emails from mothers rejoicing because their daughters overcame their depression and gave their lives to God after reading a couple of the blog posts. I’ve heard feedback from wives who have said that Smile Seeker Movement’s blog posts give them hope to press on as their husbands are fighting cancer. Some have said that they read the blog every morning before they get out of bed, to receive their dose of inspiration!

When I hear stories like these, the only words my mind can think of are, “That is all Jesus”.

I can honestly say, ALL of the Smile Seeker Movement - the blogs, the creative media, the website, the social media, the audience, and everything else - is what Jesus did. I would be ripping everybody off, and completely lying if I even took 1% of the credit.

The Smile Seeker Movement is a movement that is passionate about bringing light to the dark situations that you AND I face, and it is so much more than just a little hub on the internet. The Smile Seeker Movement is a life-filled and darkness-defying movement that aims to be relevant to a generation so thirsty for hope. It features inspirational blogs that cover a range of topics, written by myself and various guest writers, as well as a creative section.

I 100% believe that Jesus gives us grace for the things He has set us out to do. And to anyone who is reading this, I want to say: find your passion, and chase it like there’s no tomorrow. Be unapologetically pursuing the path that Jesus has set before you.

Read More on Tyla by checking out smileseekermovement.com


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