Top 5 Beauty Tips

Katie and I (Rebekah) got the chance to have a girl day with the Stylist, Victoria Lundy. She did our hair, makeup and gave us tips on all things beauty.

Below are her TOP 5 Beauty Tips!

#1 Take care of your skin!

Wash your face, moisturize and wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. It will keep your skin safe and beautiful for years to come! #2 Drink water!

Keeping hydrated is the key to glowing skin and keeping a natural shine to your hair. #3 Do research!

Find images of makeup and hairstyles you like on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc. Play around when you can & have fun! You'll learn what looks fit your personality by just playing a little dress up and pampering yourself! #4 Learn your colors!

Knowing what shades of makeup & clothing suit your skin and eyes can take you further than any tutorial ever will! Clinique and Bobbi Brown are great makeup counters that you can make an appointment with to learn your best colors! #5 Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!

I can't say it enough, this is my favorite accessory I use every day! It keeps unruly hairs in place against weather AND even controls makeup! My secret (weird) tip is that I even give a little spritz to my face to keep make up in place! *try freezeit! I normally get mine at rite aid!


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