What Fake ID are you?

In 2014, I wrote a book based on the crappy fake ID I had at 20. If you have one of your own, or did at one point, I know you think yours was bad--but trust me, mine was worse. My fake ID may have been the most sincere thing about me at the time, and became a metaphor for my life. I based my worth on popularity, performance, and relationships...and was very fake.

In the book I tell three other stories of popularity, performance, and relationships and title the chapters The Life of the Party, The Perfectionist, and The Girlfriend. Take the following quiz to see which Fake ID you might relate to the most:

  1. In the past, if I went somewhere, I:

A. Was the life of the party.

B. Only went if my hair was perfect.

C. Always had a boyfriend with me.

  1. When I’m in a crowd:

A. If people notice me, I have more fun.

B. I worry about my clothes.

C. I stick to my significant other’s side.

  1. When I’m alone:

A. I’m never alone because I don’t want to think about my life.

B. I tend to beat myself up for my mistakes.

C. I drive to my boyfriend’s house.

If you answered mostly As, you could be The Life of the Party.

The Life of the Party bases her worth on popularity. She feels pressure to be “on” at all times, to make others laugh, and to be noticed. If people adore her, she feels validated.

If you answered mostly Bs, you could be The Perfectionist.

The Perfectionist bases her worth on her performance. If she achieves her lofty goals, she is a success. When others compliment her on a job well done, she feels validated.

If you answered mostly Cs, you could be The Girlfriend.

The Girlfriend bases her worth on her relationship status. If a guy likes her, she’s likeable. If not, she believes she’s not beautiful, desirable, or worthy of love.

The years I spent masquerading as one, or a mix of all three, identities was exhausting! But there is GREAT NEWS.

I eventually discovered my only identity is my Identity in Christ. In the book this is called finding your Authentic Identity. If you put your faith in Christ, God sees you through the lens of His perfect Son. Through faith, you’re God’s beloved child, accepted, beautiful, perfect, and full of potential.

If you claim your Authentic Identity, you won’t have to base your worth on what other people, including yourself (I know I’m sometimes my own worst critic!), think. You can breathe easy knowing you’re accepted and loved by God who made you on purpose and for a purpose. He loves you because you’re His, not because you’re perfect or fun at a party.

Click here for a free chart to remind yourself of your Authentic Identity.

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