Soul Scripts: Interview with Jordan Lee

Jordan Lee has been taking over the internet.


A recent newlywed and 20-something young woman, Jordan’s blog has been viewed by many. One of her posts has even circulated around the internet with over 1 million views. And as another 20 something college student, I found myself drawn to her honesty and transparency through her social media. Jordan is open with what is going on in her life. There is no fluff in her words. She speaks truth and her heart overflows for people across the world. She’s different than some bloggers. She is sincere. She shows her flaws. And for once, she isn’t saying the things she is going through or struggling with are in the past. She presents her struggles in a way that says: “Hey, I’m human and so are you. Let’s be friends.”

I tell my friends about Jordan all the time. From the way she is open and honest, and admits she too, doesn't wash her hair every day, it’s a breath of fresh air to connect with someone who has been, and is currently, going through the same struggles every other woman in 2016 goes through, especially college girls.

I got to talk with Jordan for a while about her experience in college and what life for her is like post college, and as a newlywed.

Access to Jordan’s blog is here:

Is there anything you wish you would have known coming into college?

My notion coming into college was that you had to be a perfectionist. I thought I had to be boring with ugly shoes or be fun and not be a Christian. I didn't know that there was adventure and excitement and rawness and realness in the christian walk. My first year of college, I felt like I couldn’t expose any type of realness and that I had to hide those parts and had to put up a front. A lot of people told me I had been too perfect and then I kind of gave up for a while. I think if had I known that it was ok to be messy and vulnerable, it might have changed my first couple of years of college. I think vulnerability can bring so much to the Christian community. The world demands a level of perfectionism. Perform this way in your academics, sorority, or university. I think that we translate that into our faith. I think that we can share the gospel so much more with vulnerability.

Is there one thing that you have struggled with in your 20’s?

Oh gosh. In my 20’s my biggest struggle...something that I wrestled with a lot was body image. I think I really struggle with comparison still, and i still wrestle with it. It definitely heightened during college. Within the work that I am doing, being online and in ministry it is definitely a challenge. The enemy can squash our motivation and joy. I think it’s something that I will always struggle with being a broken human, i think it’s just a 20-something struggle. I’m speaking to myself when I talk about comparison. In reality, I’m there with you, so let’s walk this together. You can’t relate to someone who is not relatable. It shows so many more avenues to share the gospel. Jesus told stories and met people where they were at in their lives. It opens up so many more avenues to share the gospel.

A lot of girls in college struggle with so much-body image, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, eating disorders, self worth. Why do you think these struggles are a major problem for young women, and how do you think the online community can help with this?

Two things: One, comparison. It drives that even more. Secondly, I think that there is this concept of this “choose joy” movement in the church and sometimes it’s difficult/impossible for people to choose joy. What if we present the option to choose jesus instead? We have put such a negative status on sadness and shame. If we are experiencing laughter and joy at some time in our lives, at some point we are going to experience sadness and joy. I think that the reason these issues are hard to shake is that it hurts even more when things like anxiety and depression are associated with a negative stigma, and a stigma of “keep it in private”. Let’s get it out there. There’s so much pressure in college to be so perfect and think that comparison fuels that in college.

If you could walk onto a college campus today and tell each girl in the whole campus one thing, what would it be?

I wish I could tell them so many things! But the most important thing I would tell them is this: You can’t put a number on yourselves. Your size jean, how you look, in the classroom, a grade on the grading scale. How prestigious our university is, how much money you will make, what major you will chose. You are more than a number on the scale, on the report card. Whatever you’re associating with that isn’t Jesus, it’s not worth it. Jesus’s biggest purpose was to draw people in, whether they had 10 cents or 10 thousand dollars. Strip the numbers away from it and look at the bigger picture here. You are priceless. You can’t put a value on yourself. We forget that, I forget that. We need to speak that continually, and believe it.

What has God been teaching you in this new season of life?

Open hands, open heart. My husband and I are in a big transition period within ministry, and his career. It’s definitely been a waiting period. We are living with shallow roots, and that’s what you hope to do when you get married, but we’re not doing that. God is teaching us that we weren’t made for ordinary, nobody is. Pushing us out of our comfort zone, challenging us, it's scary, it’s beautiful. I felt this same way at the end of college. Just allowing this season to be not about my effort, but my obedience as it becomes something so much bigger.


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