Confessions of a College Freshman

There is nothing like freshman year. As I am two months into the fall semester of my sophomore year, I can’t help but reflect and even reminisce on all that happened during my freshman year. I have heard a lot of people say that your freshman year is the year you grow up the most, the year you change the most, and the year you learn the most about yourself. I could not agree more. Freshman year is many things. It is scary, random, and exciting, but mainly it is just plain weird. With that in mind, today I sat down and typed up a list of ten things I wish I could tell my wide-eyed, freshman year self.

1. Yes, it feels a lot like camp right now. But that feeling will wear off, and you will get your real life back.

2. Call your mom. I know you couldn’t wait to leave home and “start over,” but sometimes starting over doesn’t feel so good, and you need the familiarity of home.

3. Branch out. I know it is really easy to be intimidated by a big campus and so many new faces, but getting plugged in to clubs or organizations on campus will help make it feel a little smaller.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. Most people you see sitting by themselves at the dining halls or studying alone want to make a friend just as badly as you do.

5. While we’re talking about studying: do it.

6. It’s okay to not know what you are doing or what you want to major in. Most of the people I met in college had no idea what they were doing either.

7. Be gentle with yourself. I know you probably feel lonely, confused and a little homesick. Remember that this year isn’t supposed to be easy.

8. Decide what your non-negotiables are. As a freshman, you are exposed to so many new things and it can be hard to make good decisions. Create a list of things that you are not willing to compromise on, and surround yourself with people who hold you accountable them.

9. Remember that Jesus is constant. In the midst of the most life changing year of your life, rest in the fact that Jesus is the same now as He was for you before.

10. Don’t forget who you are. I think this one is the most important. It seems like college changes everything, and many people end up forgetting where they came from or what used to matter to them.


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