Taking the Victory Lap With Pride

“So when are you graduating?” was the question that would make me cringe and my heart sink. It was almost worse than being asked why I was still single at family Christmas parties. Last year I decided that I would be taking an extra semester at the University of Kentucky in pursuit of a teaching career. I spent a ridiculous amount of time analyzing how this decision would change my life and what others would think of me. I had planned on graduating college in four years, getting a job, and living the dream… because that’s what’s expected right? I was worried that others would think I was lazy and that I was just trying to stretch out my “glory years.” A victory lap didn’t seem so victorious in the moment.

After scheduling my classes around this 4½-year path in college I had to find peace with my decision. Sure it wasn’t a life or death sort of thing… but this was still a big deal to me. I wouldn’t be graduating with all of my friends, I would be on a different path, my bank account wouldn’t love it, and there was a lot of uncertainty about the future hiding behind that semester. So how did I let the pros outweigh the cons and find peace with a December 2017 graduating date? Well I just had to trust God, duh!

There should never be shame in taking a different path from others, and there isn’t any failure in it either! There should be joy in every season of life whether you’re a freshman in college, graduating senior, or mother of three. We aren’t meant to live a cookie cutter life, and in fact… it should be discouraged!

So what did an extra semester mean for me? It meant I had time in the summer to travel to Honduras where my heart was full and the Lord revealed Himself in big ways. I have a schedule that allows me to make time for investing in real and genuine relationships with people. I have time to be more involved in the church where I have found more joy than I even thought possible. Sure, I don’t know what December 2017 will look like for me… but I know that right now and right here life is pretty incredible. God knew that if my schedule was jam packed with classes and graduating in time I wouldn’t be leading a life group, I would have never gone to Honduras, and I probably wouldn’t even be sane. I chose a path that wasn’t my top pick, and though I wasn’t very proud of it at first, there was definitely a plan much bigger than what I had in store for myself. So if you find yourself at a crossroads in life and have to make a big choice, just lean on God and trust in His plan for your life. There will always be victory when He’s taking the lap with you.


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