10 Things to Notice About Nature in Your Late Twenties

1. When the birds chirp. There is a peaceful rhythm you’ll notice to the sounds the birds make. It’s interesting how even nature has its own song, though potentially not deliberate. God has created a soundtrack to his own creation. He is a good composer.

2. When things grow. We are each always in a stage of growth. From a seedling to a bare stem to a bloom. God is growing us. So as His image of nature is reflective in us, let us appreciate the image of us, which is visible in other creation. Allow growth, encourage growth and feed into growth, both for yourself and others.

3. When things die. But there is beauty even in what we see as death. For God renews the soil of a plant. When one dies it may enrich the soil in order to grow something new. I see that often in my life- I must die in some ways to be renewed in others. There is a cycle of life and death, both necessary and both redeemed in time. God is a god of patterns, consistency and repetition; yet ironically unpredictable.

4. When the sun comes up. I always associate the sun rising to new beginnings. Today is separated from yesterday with a purpose; and perhaps that purpose is for us to simply feel renewal. We are designed for rest and times of pausing; God has given us time to renew our energy and take on the day. So when the sun rises, rise with it. Time is an exhaustible resource, so use it wisely.

5. When the sun sets. God has ordered the light to be separated from us for a time. Perhaps this pattern of the sun is also about having an appreciation for the light. My favorite is the transition between the light and the dark in the day; it’s filled with the hues of blues and pinks and yellows as the sun sets on the horizon. Its peaceful and a reflection of the Father.

6. When the wind blows. People often say they only believe in what they see. Yet, we cannot see the wind. We can only see the effects of the wind. Is this not a perfect image of God? He is invisible, but His power, love, character and the effects of these things are quite visible. God is like a gust of wind, pushing us onward towards the things we need and perhaps pressing against us when we want to do something we ought not do. So go where the wind takes you.

7. When there is silence. I’d say silence is an underrated blessing. This world is chaotic. It is often that I run to the silent peace of nature to clear my head and hear my own thoughts again. The world likes to offer noise and distraction. Creation likes to offer a peaceful melody of hushed wisdom, carves out time to breathe and clarifies a path for preparation of what is to come.

8. When it rains. It pours. But perhaps the times of mist or sprinkle give us relief from heat, and downpours give us relief from drought. The rain comes and reminds us how to appreciate the sunshine. It is true that things, which exhibit as normal, every day or unvaried also may appear less important. The rain brings growth, as do hard times. We are sent through a rainstorm to take in the knowledge of our blessings, and the awareness of our priorities. Do not deny the sunshine, but do not forget the purpose of the rain.

9. When it snows. One of my favorite parts of nature. It creates a blanket to cover the earth, as if maybe it were shivering and needed warmth. But the snowflake, in its solitary state, could be used as an imagery for each human being. Individuals, taking a journey seemingly alone, but we gather and make one another stronger and we persevere.

10. When you’re outside, remember who created it, and who created you. You are chosen and loved and created in uniqueness the same as every leaf on each tree, every grain of dirt or sand, every flower petal, every hummingbird. So notice the creation, and recall the Creator when you do. Yet, do not only recall, but call out to Him. If He made the outside world, with its expansiveness towards distances we cannot even comprehend, He will make you into exactly who you are meant to be.


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