Hurt Doesn't Define Us

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and rescues those whose spirit's are crushed.

Psalm 34:18

You know what we all have in common? What we all try to hide from each other and continually deny? We’re broken. It comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, but it’s there. We flash our bright smiles and laugh through the pain but underneath just waiting to make an entrance is our brokenness. I used to be a professional at hiding my pain, burdens, and flaws from others. I wholeheartedly believed I was the only one who was hopeless and broken, but it wasn’t until I found community that I realized how wrong I was. We must know that we aren’t alone in the battle against brokenness.

I don’t know about you but my brokenness has taken many different forms in my life. I’ve felt broken in seasons of depression, shattered in the face of rejection, unworthy in moments of comparison, lonely after failed relationships and the list can go on and on. We are all too familiar with the feeling of brokenness in our lives, but dear sisters I have wonderful news for you. There is beauty in our darkest brokenness waiting to be found. Over the years I have found that there are SO many people who have dealt with insecurities, depression, and loneliness just like me. The hurt hasn’t defined us, the healing has. The brokenness didn’t bind us, it set us free. The loneliness hasn’t consumed us; the Lord's love has and always will. Don’t let your brokenness define you, let the Lord rescue you and become a shining example of his redemption. Let us join together sisters, and know that we are never alone.


  1. In my life are there struggles I’ve faced or pain that I’ve experienced that I feel alone in?

  2. What does the Lord say about the burdens in my life?

  3. In my life, who are people that I can turn to for guidance and community?


Jesus, thank you for your constant love and healing hand on my life. You turn ashes into beauty and bring light into the darkest places in my heart. Please help me lean on you in times of trouble, and seek out community so that I know I’m never alone. Give me eyes that seek your guidance, a mouth that praises you, and ears that listen to your voice. I love you Lord, and praise you in all seasons of my life. Amen.


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