4 Ways to Fight Loneliness

We have all had moments of loneliness in our lives and it can quickly become consuming, but there are many ways we can fight through this emotion. Personally, loneliness has been very present during different seasons of my life, and I’d love to share some ways that I have learned to fight through loneliness.

  1. Just because you’re not with others doesn’t mean you should feel lonely! Find something that you enjoy doing whether it be going for a hike, reading a new book, cooking a new meal, or having some time with God. Doing things that you love can boost your mood and extinguish feelings of loneliness.

  2. Invest in friendships! I’ve learned that quality is so much more important than quantity. Having deep, genuine friendships are so much more filling than multiple surface level friendships. Go on a coffee date, take a walk, or just sit on your front porch with a friend and deepen your existing relationship!

  3. Get involved! Attend a college ministry or join a life group through a church in your area. Having a community of like-minded women can be so incredibly uplifting!

  4. Pssst… you’re never alone! Take a moment to acknowledge the Lord's presence in your life and thank Him for always being by your side! You’re always surrounded by the great love of our Father who never wants you to feel alone in this life.


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