Beauty in Brokeness


You are altogether beautiful, my darling;

there is no flaw in you.

Song of Solomon 4:7

In the text above, we see one of the many ways King Solomon addressed his beloved bride. King Solomon’s love for his beloved was undeniable, and the same is true for us in our relationship with God. We can observe how this corresponds to our relationship to our Father. This book written by King Solomon was a lyric idyll (a type of love song) written for his future bride. It correlates to the Bible being known as a “love story” to us from God. God has loved us with an everlasting and incomprehensible love that will endure the test of time.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane thoughts of today’s society, to want to hide who we truly are. It’s actually expected of us, to hide all our secrets and imperfections. I remember when I went through a period of self-loathing. I hated how I looked and struggled viewing myself as beautiful. All I saw was me being overweight, my horrible skin problems and my imperfect smile. I remember waking up every day and looking at myself in the mirror and just hating what I saw. I had completely let myself go and no longer recognized my own silhouette. I intentionally avoided pictures and mirrors because I couldn’t view myself as beautiful. I hid behind makeup and baggy clothing.

Have you ever felt like this? Or do you currently feel like this?

My turning point began when I realized God was the one who gave me my worth. Through that newfound discovery, I began flourishing in loving myself. In that transition of my life, God taught me the beauty of being broken and learning to truly love myself, whether I was overweight or not. I found freedom in knowing who I am in Christ. I think, as women, that is our biggest struggle and perhaps how Satan continually feeds our own insecurities. We must remind ourselves we are God’s daughters who are loved, blessed and made clean. And in the same manner, we must view ourselves as such.

I’ll admit it, I still struggle with the concept of viewing myself as beautiful and loving who God created me to be. I think we all do, don’t we? But it’s a process, and I am learning to love myself on a daily basis based on God’s Truth.

I saw a graffiti painting once that stated, “If you can’t love yourself, how are you gonna love somebody else?” It’s true. How can we live out one of the greatest commandments as stated in John 15:9, if we can’t learn to love ourselves?

Look in the mirror today, smile and know that YOU are beautiful. You are God’s handiwork and altogether beautiful. Love yourself, darling, flaws and all.

Reflection Questions

  1. What are some positive ways I can love myself?

  2. What does the Lord say about me as His creation?

  3. What can I do to remind myself daily that I am loved by God?


Lord, allow me to love and view myself as You love me. Open up my eyes to see and feel the love You have for me. I declare victory over any critical and negative thought processes. I am Your daughter; allow me to live and walk in this Truth. Amen.


#beauty #trustingGod


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