Fully Known & Fully Loved

You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. -- Psalm 18:28

In God, I am fully loved and fully known.

Take a second and read that again.

How powerful is that?!

And though it took me a while to understand what all this means in Jesus, every time I think about it now, I'm left speechless and in awe of the goodness of our God.

And it’s in the quiet and most intimate moments, when I’m sitting with Jesus alone, that I am absolutely undone.

Beholding Jesus in all of His glory and beauty, I am overwhelmed by His goodness and His grace and His unconditional, agape love.

And it’s in these moments that everything that’s not of Him falls away - all of the striving, all of the stress, all of the lies.

It’s in the quiet that I’m transformed into the daughter He called by name before I was even born.

Without even saying a word, you guys!

His presence and His Spirit are so powerful, that I am changed simply by being near Him.

And Jesus has really been teaching me this important lesson the past few weeks: that sitting at His feet is far more important than any of my to-do lists (even my prayer ones).

That in the former, we are forever changed.

To be fully loved and fully known, God loves me more than I could ever imagine, in spite of anything I have done in the past or will do in the future. Good or bad.

It means that He sees every part of me - all of my flaws and weaknesses and shortcomings - and yet, loves me with an everlasting love.

It means that, as I am made in the image of my Creator, to fully love and fully know Him is also to fully love and fully know myself.

As He fully loves and fully knows me, so do I in these pure, intimate, Heaven-ordained moments.

He speaks His identity over me.

He says that I am loved and seen and known.

That I am a daughter, sister, friend and mentor.

That I am strong and beautiful.

That I make a difference.

And that I have a future ahead of me that's greater than anything I can ever dream up by myself.

And by the power of God’s presence, I am becoming all who He's created me to be.

“I love you,” He says.

And by that, I am transformed.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What does your quiet time look like? Do you allow yourself the moments to spend in silence, reveling in Jesus’ goodness and grace and love?

  2. Will you allow Him to transform you into the woman you were created to be?


Thank you, Jesus, that Your love changes everything. That as love Yourself, just being in Your presence brings forth all that You've created us to be. I thank You for the overflow of goodness and grace and peace and mercy and love that pours out over me as I sit at your feet. Thank You for this journey that we get to do together, as I become more and more of the woman You knew before You ever formed me in the womb. I am so honored that You've waited for this relationship and I ask that You'd help me to grow more in You and with You. I am ready to be transformed. I love You. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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