One Step Forward

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

I cried a lot when we moved out of our old house. I love that house and the people that lived in it. I had memorized the way the floors creaked. Which light switches turned off which lights. The smells of my mom cooking dinner every evening. So when my parents called me and told me we were moving, it was as if my comfort blanket had been ripped out from underneath me. We packed up thirteen years of memories, locked the doors, and drove away. When I'm in the area, I catch myself driving on my old route and have wound up in that driveway a few too many times.

I love our new house. I really do. It has nicer appliances, a beautiful location, and wonderful neighbors. But for the first few months, it just didn’t feel like home. I remember this past winter when we were unpacking our Christmas decorations, there was a part of me that felt this longing to go back to our old home and just have one more Christmas there. But then my mom said something from across the room that stuck with me: “I can’t wait to see what this new house looks like with our decorations!” It was in that moment I realized my perspective needed some changing. Yes, we left behind a wonderful home full of memories, but we were so blessed to make new memories between four brand new walls.

I feel that way with God sometimes. I go through the motions in my relationship with Him, not wanting to step out of my comfort zone, or release something to Him. I romanticize past seasons, unable to see the potential of an upcoming one. I see the way He has worked in other situations, but my doubting heart doesn’t believe He might do it again.

But this mindset gets me nowhere. It keeps me stuck in the past, ruminating on what was. I can’t help but wonder how it makes God feel when I clench my fists and hold tight to what is comfortable in my life. All throughout the Bible, God showed up in big ways when people just took one step forward. Mary conceived as a virgin, Peter walked on water, and Jesus walked out of His own grave. Maybe, just maybe, He wants to do the same for you.


1. What are some “comfort blankets” in your life?

2. What would it take for you to release some of these things to the Lord, in order to see Him doing something better?

3. What are some ways you have seen God move personally in your life when you stepped out in faith?


Lord, thank You for being a patient God. Thank You for seeing us as we are, but desiring to take us where You know we can go. Help us to see things from Your perspective. Give us a Heaven mindset and a pair of willing feet that will follow You wherever You want us to go.


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