I'm a firm believer in everyone having seasons of their lives. If it's okay, I'd like to tell you about my latest season.

I graduated college last year with a bachelor's degree, a fiancé and a game plan. I was the girl who was prepared for everything and ready to make this my best season yet! I lived in Louisville, Kentucky my entire life and decided to go to Morehead State University, where I found my handsome fiancé (now husband). He was from a small town I'd never heard of, even farther away from Louisville, called Paintsville. We ended up sharing a love for children and becoming high school teachers ready to change the world.

When we graduated, however, we had "the big talk.” Where do we move? Does being closer to one family mean we love or value them more? Ultimately, we decided that we would leave it up to "fate." We applied everywhere and the first one to get a job, that's where we'd go. He won. So my single Mother (aka my best friend) and I loaded up a UHAUL and I moved 181 miles away to his hometown. A place where I knew no one. And had no job. And had no church family or any friends. For the first months I'd fervently job search for anything in my degree. When nothing was found I searched for any job, just to get my out of the house and meet people. I thought if I went through the motions I had been taught in church something would surely come my way.

As I waited, I became hopelessly depressed. This was supposed to be my season. I did the work, I earned my degree and I wanted a job in my field. My husband had it, why couldn't I? Was I not good enough? Was I not smart enough for other employers?

Finally in December I found a job. It involved children but wasn't what my degree was in. I was still just so happy to get out of the house. I honestly had convinced myself that I didn't need church or God because I could do it on my own: He didn't help me find a job - I did it on my own. He didn't give me friends, so why would I lean on Him or go to church? Boy was I wrong.

I saw on Facebook one day that some of my friends had gone to Lane of Roses Bible study. Huh, I thought, that's all women...I bet they all know each other from somewhere else. And then to my surprise Lane of Roses kept popping up. And popping up. And popping up. It honestly would not leave me alone. And finally I asked a friend about one that's here locally. I asked what it was and said, “So you all know each other and just decided to do this as a group right?” She replied with, “No, all are welcome. No age requirement, no set belief system, just come as you are.” So I did. I went alone to a place I'd never been, in a room full of people I'd never met, just because it was constantly popping up in my life and I thought hey, why not get out of the house?

It was the best decision I have ever made. I came home that first night and wept. I told my husband, “I finally have friends, I'm not alone here.” And as the weeks progressed I realized my faith was not alone either. My spirit was awakened and I felt like I had found what was missing in my life. My entire mindset shifted and it was like a flashback in a movie. It all suddenly clicked. Everything that God was doing in my life (yes He did it, not me) was for His glory. For His good. He placed me in Paintsville to get this service job and serve His children. He allowed me to suffer and grow to change my attitude and allow humility and patience for the right timing to entire my life. He led me to true friends and the true Word so that I would not only have a support system but that I would also grow deeper into Him. I needed to stop focusing on me and start focusing on Him. I went with some girls from Bible Study to their church and fell in love with it. I craved more so I kept going back, kept surrounding myself with Jesus. I'm so overjoyed to say that I was saved this past Sunday, and my life is so illuminated and I'm at peace.

If it weren't for Lane of Roses I don't know if I'd be in a happy marriage, in a wonderful town or here at all. So that's my latest season!! And you know, I hate to jinx it, but I have a feeling that the next one will be my best one yet.


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