I never grew up in a Christian home. Yes, my parents mentioned God and we went to church on occasion when my parents were up for it. But I never had the slightest understanding of who He was. When I was 10 years old, I was told I was going to have a brother or sister. I wasn't very happy about it, and on top of that I was moving from Louisville to Nicholasville. My mother suffers from depression, and when she found out she was pregnant she had to go off her medicine. My dad was traveling for business so I was left with my mom, pretty much to take care of her.

For a then-11-year-old girl it was hard.

I remember hearing my mom sob in a dark closet, screaming she wanted to go back home. I did too, Mom. Months later, when she was about to have my baby sister, she was put on a new prescription to help with her depression. But my mom grew very sick, she was coughing and wheezing, could hardly move. The doctors kept saying she had bronchitis. But me and my mom knew it was much more. It is turned out she was in heart failure.

She was put in a hospital to have my sister because they didn't think my mom was going to make it, so they wanted to make sure my sister would still be alive. At the time, no one told me what was going on. I just knew I had to do something. So I did what everyone talked about, I prayed. I never had before...I just remembered getting on my knees and looking up to something? Someone? I didn't know. But only 3 days later I hear that my mom can come home soon!

The doctors were ecstatic, they said it's a miracle! That day really opened my eyes. I remember asking myself, maybe there is someone looking over me? A few years later I'm 14 and have gotten used to living in a new place called Danville. I met a guy who was really nice and wanted me to come to his church. I was hesitant at first but I thought it would be good for me. I didn't understand why everyone was raising their hands and singing so loud. They were so excited, and just by looking at the people I knew I needed to be a part of it.

I started coming every Wednesday for youth church and Sundays. I even started volunteering in the children's church. I had been engulfed in God’s love. When confusing times came or anxiety raged I knew exactly who to go to, God. Before I knew it I was being baptized, and spending countless hours at the church. But something was still empty in me, I needed to do more, I needed to serve in my community. I needed to show others Jesus the way I was shown. To show them that praying is true. That there is Someone watching over you, Someone is willing to help. His name is Jesus.

So I started a project called Sweet Scripts. It's where I give out Bible scriptures with homemade cookies to the community. Neighborhoods, schools, rehabs, nursing homes. As a way to show others there is a Person for them when hard times come. Now at the age of 18, God has helped me feel less lonely when I have a hard time but I'm not the lonely little girl calling for help anymore. I am a woman of God.


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