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Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory. -Romans 15:7

I will gladly grab your hand and say “Me too” if anyone has ever said to you, “When you figure yourself out then come and find me because they just do not understand your personality. Yet, on the other hand, maybe you have had some people idolize your personality to the point where they tell you that you are “an angel” or “just a perfect person.” Do any of those statements sound familiar? If they do then I want to say please do not change an ounce of your different and rare heart. God made you who you are with purpose. I know what it is like to feel your personality has been both praised and harassed. You might have a lot of opinions from others to the point where you desperately want to just sit in the presence of God, turn off the world, and turn up His truth because everyone around has an opinion about you. I can relate to you.

The thing is, I talk too much when I get nervous, and I am a woman that has too much energy for my own good. I have a personality that has lived in la la land for many years because I believe that everyone wants to treat others the same way I do. I have flesh. I sometimes stomp away, and act like a big baby when others do not want to accept my different heart. Yet, when words hurt and others do not seem to accept my personality, I try hard to remind myself that if His grace is an ocean then we are all sinking. Romans 15:7 reminds me to seek God ten times more when I find it hard to extend kindness to those that do not extend kindness in return.

I pray you know that even if you have a unicorn frappuccino personality, your personality is not wrong. You see, maybe your special assignment in life from God is your rare personality that others do not seem to understand or accept. We serve a God that will come to us even we are sweaty from a workout with mascara running down our face. He will not tell us that we must “figure ourselves out” before we run into the arms of Jesus. What a beautiful friend we have in Jesus!

Reflection Questions

1. When people make you feel unworthy or unloved because of your personality, what do you do to find rest when stress of wanting to be accepted has way?

2. Think about a time when you have felt left out and unworthy. Make a list of how you felt (e.g. maybe you felt some anxiety). Now, find a Bible verse that shows you how God is always there when you feel alone, and write it on a notecard.


Dear Lord, thank You so much for being our all in all. When we grow weary of trying to be everything everyone else wants us to be, may we be reminded that a hard heart will only bring us hurt, but a humble heart will bring us healing. Show us the way daily to forgive, love and live like You, Lord. Thank You so much for Your unwavering love. Amen.


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