The Thing About Time

There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under the heavens:

- Ecclesiastes 3:1

Time is a funny thing. We measure it with clocks, cell phones, and calendars on our walls. We wish it away and invite it in. It is something we find ourselves with both too much, and not quite enough of.

The other day my roommate was giving me advice and she said something that stuck with me, “You can give people many things, but the most valuable thing you can give is your time.” And she was right. Time is limited and it is precious. The way we choose to spend our 24 hours each day shapes the rest of our lives, and it is important that we choose wisely.

When I first came to college, I remember thinking that I had so much free time on my hands. I was used to a traditional high school schedule, where I went to every class every single day. I struggled to find a balance between socializing and studying. It became evident quickly that time management was not something that came naturally to me. After failing the first few exams, I realized that something had to change. What had never occurred to me until then was just how precious my individual 24 hours were, and how it was up to me to protect them. This meant saying “no” to hanging out with friends every night, and heading to the library instead. I had to learn how to create boundaries with my time.

The word “boundaries” often makes people uncomfortable. They automatically think of a strict list of rules and guidelines they have to follow. But God’s intent for boundaries is not to restrict, but to protect, ultimately leading you to what’s best for you. This applies to your time, and every day you have a choice to make when deciding how you will spend it.

I believe that God cares a lot about our time. Much like our hearts, He wants us to guard and protect it. The way we spend our time dictates how we live our lives, and if we want to honor God with our lives, we must give Him the best of our time. Often times, this means waking up 30 minutes earlier, and spending time in prayer, or meeting with your small group on Wednesday nights instead of staying in. I encourage you to seek the Lord with your time and ask Him if there are any ways you can sacrifice to give Him more of your time. In our relationships with the Lord, we can give Him many things, but the most important thing we can give Him is our time


1. How often do you find yourself wishing you had more hours in a day?

2. What practical things can you do in order to better manage that time?

3. What are things you need to give up or sacrifice in order to make time/space for God to show up in your life?


Lord, thank You for being the author of time. We often find ourselves stressed out and run down, relying on our own strength to get us through the day. Help us to remember that it is You who sustains us, and wakes us up each morning. Help us to turn our affections towards You daily and seek You first with our time.


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