Learning to Choose

But whenever they were in trouble and turned to the Lord, the God of Israel, and sought him out, they found him. - 2 Chronicles 15:4

Growing up in a Christian home, I never really felt like I had to choose Jesus. We went to church on Sundays, I went to youth group once a week, and I thought that I was set. I was on autopilot, doing everything that I thought I had to do to please God.

In reality, choosing Jesus is something we have to do every day. The world is full of temptations trying to distance us from God. From choosing to spend time with Him, to distancing yourself from the evils of the world, choosing God is extremely important. We need to actively seek relationship with Him so that we can grow. It is not a one way street; while God always chooses us, we also need to choose Him. Spending time with God can help heal us and make us new.

Lately, I have felt Jesus asking me to spend more time with Him. I have been catching myself putting it off, and instead focussing on work or school. But choosing God in those moments throughout the day gives me peace. It helps me slow down and realize what really matters: my relationship with Him.

Choosing Jesus also means trying to become more like Him. As young women, there are tons of distractions that are trying to distance us from God. While they may be satisfying in the short term, the separation it creates is not worth it. It does not mean it will be easy; it can often feel extremely overwhelming to choose Jesus. In times of brokenness and sin, I often feel unworthy of choosing Jesus. But He accepts us no matter what; we do not need to be perfect to turn towards Him. In the moment where it all seems to be too much, Jesus is all we need, and He will complete us.

When you choose Jesus, you always have a safe haven. We all mess up, we all sin. But Jesus is always there ready to welcome us with open arms. We just need to turn back and choose Him.


1. What can I give up in order to spend more time with Jesus, such as watching TV or sleeping in?

2. How can I choose to become more like Christ? How can I show that to others?

3. What is keeping me from choosing Jesus?


Thank You God for choosing me. Please help to give more of myself to You, I want to choose You. I want to make You the most important part of my life. Help me to distance myself from temptations, and bring me closer to You. Thank You for always being there for me, even when I fall short. Help me to turn back to You and choose You when I am struggling. Amen.


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