My life is changed because of Lane of Roses.

Around two years ago, I first heard of this thing called "Lane of Roses." I kind of brushed it off at first, thinking nothing of it when hearing about it in a sorority meeting. But then it just wouldn't go away--this feeling I had. The more I heard about it and read about it, I just knew this was something of which I was meant to be a part.

So I took the jump.

I went ahead and filled out the application to be an Ambassador for Lane of Roses. Although it is already my nature to be extremely well-prepared, I took an extra amount of time to be sure my responses to the application questions were exactly right: wholly truthful and wholly honest (and wholly grammatically correct, LOL). I so wanted to be a part of this thing. Sure enough, a few days later, I heard from the Founder & Executive Director, Katie Humphress. Okay, here's the deal y'all: I do not like talking on the phone. Like not at all. Especially to strangers (ahem, sorry Katie; back then you were a stranger, so sorry 'bout it). Yet when I was on the phone with Katie just talking about my story and Lane of Roses--and eventually receiving her invitation to join the team--I could have just talked for hours. We may have done just that had we not both had other things to do that day.

Because it has now been a while since my term as an Ambassador, I am not sure what the Ambassador goals are like these days. Back during my term, we had monthly goals we were to accomplish; some were specific to our focus area (e.g., mine was social media), and some were full-group goals. In the month of July that summer, one of our goals was to "write a note to a woman you look up to." During July of that year, I was studying abroad in France, so I was concerned I wouldn't be able to complete this goal. Not only that, but it is kind of terrifying to be honest and vulnerable--especially about your admiration for them--to someone you look up to. I know in my head that it feels so good to be on the receiving end of those words, but it is difficult to put yourself out in such a heart-open spot to be the one writing them. I still went ahead and pushed the send button on that email (because, ya know, delivering a handwritten note would have been hard from Paris, France to Bowling Green, Kentucky) after I had drafted, edited, and finalized my note.

And my life has not been the same since.

Because of this single goal that challenged me as a Lane of Roses Ambassador, the Lord gave me one of the sweetest gifts I have ever received: one of my mentors. Now, understand what I say when I say "mentor:" it's not that we sit down at a set time each week for her to drill Scripture into my head, nor that I get constructive criticism and only that. Those things are actually not what I mean at all. I mean I now have a relationship with this woman who knows me. She knows my story, my hurts, my fears, my passions, my struggles, my hopes and dreams. She knows what I like at Panera, who my favorite authors are, what exercise moves I love and hate, and what my praying voice sounds like. She can read my body posture and the inflections of my voice, even my breaths. And I know the same about her.

It is the most amazing thing.

I credit all of this beautiful relationship I have with my mentor to Jesus first, but I would be foolish to ignore the fact that Lane of Roses was the vessel through which He orchestrated this relationship. My entire life is changed because of this relationship, and I really do not know if this relationship would even exist had it not been for Lane of Roses. The thought of that terrifies me and breaks my heart. What’s even better, though: this one relationship is not the only way my life has changed by being a part of Lane of Roses. If you have even the slightest inkling in your spirit to be a part of this incredible Kingdom-work organization, the answer needs to go on and be “yes.” Obedience. Follow the prompting of His Spirit.

You never know what life change may come out of it.


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