Learning to Discern

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

- Proverbs 4:23

Hey girl, did you know that God treasures that precious heart of yours? Did you know that He cares about your beautiful blue eyes and what you allow your eyes to watch? I never used to think about it much either. But I remember wanting to fit in because no one really likes being left out.. I mean, all my friends watched these TV shows! All of them listened to these types of music! And for a time, I chose to follow the crowd, because I had not surrendered my heart to Christ, and I only thought about me and what I wanted. I did not care one bit.

I don’t know what you struggle with. I don’t know some of the challenges you might face in your life. Can you think of a time in your life when you wanted to fit in? Or perhaps felt obligated to do something? But something inside you thought maybe this isn’t God’s best for me? Making the wise choices can be really really hard. However, practicing discernment in the tiny things such as that movie or that song, or really you name it, can help set the tone for how you handle the bigger decisions later in life too. I remember being in my first year of college and truly struggling because, even though my parents had taught me good morals and had shown me the love of Christ, I still chose to go my own way. I still made wrong choice after wrong choice, and I still suffer the repercussions of all those decisions. But I know now that my heart is precious and treasured by a God who loves me. Dear girl, He loves you too, even when you do fall down. So guard that heart. It was created for a great purpose!


1. How can you practice guarding your heart?

2. Is there something you might need to walk away from so that you can better protect your heart?


Lord, we know our hearts are deeply loved and treasured by You. Help us guard them and choose to do what pleases You! We love You! Amen.


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