2017: A Year for Seeds

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. -- Isaiah 43:18-19

Seeds have always fascinated me.

After all, they start small and seemingly insignificant. But when you add water, sunlight, and a little bit of love, they grow to such a beauty beyond our wildest dreams.

Flowers are my favorite (which you’ve might’ve guessed)!!

They always have been. Ever since I was little.

And one year, on my 12th birthday, my grandmother gave me a whole bag of tulip bulbs, so that I could start my own flower garden!!

And to this day, it’s still one of my most favorite gifts.

The spring following that birthday, I planted my new flowers alongside the sidewalk outside of our walkout basement (though we wouldn’t see them as often, my mom said that it would add color and life to that side of the house, where we couldn’t get much else to grow).

After what seemed like forever (and from my point of view squinting down at the dirt, it didn’t look like much at all was happening), the sprouts finally broke ground!

And day by day, week by week, they grew into the most beautiful flowers.


They were all different colors, sizes, and heights.

And each year, they grew back looking completely different!!

Each year new (new colors, shapes and sizes), and each year glorious (though never the same, every design was unique and beautiful, and I loved every minute of it).

Praying into 2018, I’ve seen the above verse from Isaiah everywhere.

This image of my flowers also popped in my head a few weeks ago and has been stuck there ever since!!

And then, the word Jesus has given me for this next year? Dream.

Looking back, I believe that 2017 was a year for seeds. We sowed, watered, and prayed over them.

And although we may not have seen much happening in those moments, God was moving in bigger ways than we ever could have imagined.

And when I realized Bill Johnson (the senior pastor of Bethel Church out in Redding, California) had called it the year of “breakthrough,” in my mind’s eye, all I could see was a tiny, green shoot breaking ground, reaching up toward the sky.

But what does that mean for 2018?

That this is it!!

The seeds are no longer seeds.

They’re growing!

Into what exactly?

Anything and everything!!

And not just tulips and other flowers, but vegetable plants, potted herbs, sweet grass, bright yellow dandelions, strong saplings, giant redwoods, and so much more.

I’m not sure what kind of seeds you planted with Jesus in 2017, but I believe you’ll see the fruit of what He’s prepared in and through you in 2018.

And whether that was for a new job, a spouse, a family, financial breakthrough or a blessing in a certain area of your life, you broke ground.

So now it’s time to dream!!

And in my quiet moments with God the last few days leading up to the new year, this is what He told me to do, over and over.

But bigger.

To think in bigger terms, to dream bigger than I ever have before, and to expect in the biggest ways possible.

God wants us to dream with Him!!

So, forget the former things!!!

And look forward expectantly.

Because our God is good, He does good, and He has good planned (planted) for us this year.

Get ready, brothers and sisters. Here comes 2018!!


1. What seeds have you and God planted in the past year? Look for both the small ones alongside the big (because He can do much with little).

2. Take a moment and allow yourself to dream really, really big. What do those dreams look like? Go there. And then, write all of them down. Not to remember them so much as to watch God’s faithfulness unfold in your life (trust me, this is the coolest thing ever).


Jesus, thank You for 2018 and all of the expectancy we have for what You’ll do. There are 365 days in a year. And that’s 365 days to see our Heavenly family grow ever bigger. 365 days to witness miracles and goodness and grace here on Earth. 365 days to advance Your Kingdom. 365 days for us to see You get Your full reward. I pray, Jesus, in Your great and mighty name that You’d free us from any small-mindedness. I pray that instead, we’d dream bigger and bigger. And I even thank You for the dreams we’ve forgotten about, because You haven’t. I thank You that this is a year of answers, and we say “yes” to all that’s to come. You’re amazing. Thank You for picking us, for choosing us, for adopting us. Let’s go deeper in 2018. Deeper in Your love and deeper in your nature. Let’s do this. We love You, Jesus. It’s in Your name we pray, amen.


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