Mythbusters: Is Easter Just a Once-a-Year Thing?

Baskets, bonnets, and bunnies.

Of course, if you were to ask me many moons ago what Easter meant to me then that would have been my answer. Honestly, that has been my answer all throughout middle and high school, too. If you read my God story, then you probably remember me mentioning that I accepted Jesus Christ into my life when I was in the sixth grade. However, I did not personally start living out my walk until the year of twenty thirteen when I left for the big adventure of college and adulthood. A short backstory: my relationship Christ become real, true, and authentic the moment I realized that no one was there holding my hand anymore-except for God! He was the person I went to when times were hard! Whether I was crying or laughing, I wanted Him more than I wanted the world!

Now, grab your favorite cup of coffee and let’s have a good ole heart to heart. I want to share how the meaning of Easter changed for me spiritually after I rediscovered my faith. I wanted to know God more after beginning my new journey with Him. I wanted to know the story of God. His Word, the Truth and the Bread of Life! Yet, more importantly I wanted to know more about Easter - far beyond just pretty dresses.

Jesus' resurrection proved to the world that He is the Son of the living God. Every time I talk about Easter I always hum the song, ‘Glorious Day,’ by Casting Crowns:

Living, He loved me. Dying, He saved me. Buried, He carried my sins far away. Rising, He justified freely forever. One day He's coming. Oh, glorious day, oh glorious day.

Every time I hear that song I feel like it is Easter, no matter what day it is! The song makes me want to raise my hands, keep them up, and just dance for an audience of one - God!

I feel like I am ‘that girl’ that always wants to live life a little different. I truly do want to be the Froot Loop in a world full of Cheerios and be the Unicorn Frappuccino. I do! I truly strive to live every day like a holiday. Since we are talking about Easter. I want to give you five points on how you can live like every day is EASTER! These are things I have noticed that, when I do not make them a priority, then treating the day like Easter is harder. So, let’s jump on into them.

1. Time With God - Ask yourself realistic questions and answer them truthfully. Questions like am I a morning or night person? Where is my quiet place? Would I rather read or listen? How many minutes can I carve out for God in the morning if I answered morning person or vice versa for night? I realized that before I sat down in my designated quiet placed and answered these questions, that it sometimes was hard to turn down the world and turn up Jesus. My schedule had “things” on my top priority list because I knew chores had to be done and schedules had to be met. But weYou must want and crave Him! And if you are struggling to desire God in this way, simply pray, “God, help me want to want You more.”

2. Intimacy - Crave Him like He is Starbucks and talk to Him like He is the barista. I wanted to make it sound more realistic in today’s world because sometimes people say talk to Him like He is your best friend. Yet, sometimes my best friend and I only text or call on a busy week like five times a week! However, we all know that our favorite coffee shop barista knows us like the back of our hand. So talk to God, like really talk to Him. You will find out that if you talk to Him like the barista at Starbucks then “carving out time for Him” will be a piece of cake because you are constantly connected and plugged into Him.

3. Vulnerability - Pray and ask God to open your heart to the wounds that you are afraid to go to. I once had a friend who helped me stay accountable to my faith say to me this, “Your biggest trial will be your greatest testimony one day.” Those words spoke deep into my heart because I have noticed that more people from my past have come to me asking me what has changed since high school. My answer was that I finally realized that Jesus Christ took the cross for my name, shame, and sin too! Because He wanted me (and you) that much.

4. Community - Truthfully, I used to be afraid of community and connection. I felt that if I opened up then others would see my flaws and weaknesses instead of God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness. I was afraid that others would not love me or forgive me like Christ. Yet, I can tell you that, since the day I started getting connected and talking about God with with like-minded women, I have never felt more of a sense of community.

5. Know your why - I have recently found myself saying, “Lauren, know your why and do it justice.” I say this because people are watching everywhere. Your Instagram handle that is unique - people are watching and wanting to know ‘why.’ Truthfully, I did not know my way about why I choose joy until I personally found my ‘why’ in choosing Jesus. Know your why and do it justice sisters!

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