10 Tips for Post-Grad Life

1. It’s okay to have more questions than answers! Post grad life is hard and filled with a lot of uncertainty. You’ll battle the harsh waters of job searching and interviews, find out where you want to live, and seek out new community away from your college pals. You won’t find all the answers overnight, but I promise they’ll come!

2. You aren’t alone in this! The majority of your classmates have no idea what their next steps are beyond that stage where their diploma is received. Find community and know that most 20-somethings are in the same boat as you.

3. Jesus wants to take the wheel…so let Him! Trust in His guidance and plans for your life and incredible future. He hasn’t left you to navigate through this time of uncertainty alone. Open your eyes, ears, and heart to His guidance.

4. Don’t skip over this season worrying about the next one. I find myself worrying so much about my future that I forget to enjoy where I’m rooted right now. Look around at all you’re blessed with, take a deep breath, and thank God for this season!

5. It’s not about the destination because the destination will always change. Don’t focus so much on the end goal that you forget to enjoy the steps you take to reach your goals!

6. Your community will look different. In college you might have been part of a sorority or campus ministry, and now you might experience loneliness being apart from those communities. Seek out new community! Find fitness classes you might enjoy, Bible study groups, or go to local events.

7. Life as you know it will look very different. You’re no longer frolicking around campus, skipping 8 am classes, pulling all nighters at the library, and spending all your free time with your best pals. The real world has come in hot and your lifestyle and schedule are rapidly shifting. Embrace the change.

8. Its okay to cry… trust me, I’ve had my nights full of tears, ice cream, and a worried heart. Just make sure to always pick yourself up and give your burdens to God!

9. It’s in this imperfect season where amazing things will grow. We’re so eager for the next season because we believe the lie that the next season will bring some added level of completeness. But with God we’re never incomplete, only stretched to grow! So trust the process and embrace the change.

10. It’s not about getting there, to the next place. It’s about being here, loving and being loved.


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