You Can Trust the One Who Made You

But each has his own gift from God, one of one kind and one of another.

-1 Corinthians 7:7 ESV

Have you ever stopped and thought about your purpose? Or the reason why you have certain gifts? The answer is quite simple. It's to glorify God (or make Him more famous) in every part of our lives. From the way we eat or do anything really.

I never used to think about it much. Actually, I never thought about it at all. Because before I became a Christian, the only person I thought about was me. No purpose. No direction. Nothing. But now, almost seven years later, I understand.

There is purpose. God gave me this gift to encourage and write. And I'm certain God gave you whatever gift He gave you to glorify Himself as well.

There are so many other ways to tell others about the Good News of Jesus as well. And when you get down to it, I believe this is our purpose as believers. Not only to glorify God, but to be His hands and feet. To tell others the Good News. You can be the girl who does this!

Growing up, my parents used to encourage my brother, sister, and I to begin praying about our future even before we went to college. What is it that God would want for us or have us study? What gifts did He equip us with? That's the key! Don't be afraid to go to God for guidance! With prayer and patience He will lead you exactly where He wants you to go according to His perfect will and timing.

I used to stress about this. I didn't know what my purpose was! I didn't know what I was supposed to do! Maybe you’re there right now. I want to encourage you today to just go to God for direction. We know part of our purpose is to make disciples (or new followers of Christ). To be encouragers. To give the Gospel. I find that when I take the first step in doing what I know God wants me to do, the rest follows. God leads in His perfect fashion.

Just trust Him. He knows exactly what He’s doing.


1. Do you know your purpose in Christ?

2. What ways can you choose to live out your purpose?


Lord, help me to live for You each day and to trust You in all things. Your plans and ways for me are perfect! Amen.


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