His Love Story For Y O U

Did you know that the Bible is a congruent story of God's love for you? So clearly...He loves you a lot.

At Lane of Roses, we like to explain the Story of the Bible with the help of Emojis. We call this the Emoji Gospel. And Gospel? Maybe a word you've heard before. It simply means good news.

Whether you've been a Christian for years, you're a little new to this faith thing, or you feel as far from faith as you could possibly go, we want you to know that this story is good news. It's the best news the world has ever known. And no matter who you are or where you've been or what you've done, this news is for you.

Watch our founder, Katie Humphress, explain the Emoji Gospel in less than 10 minutes on the YouTube video above!

After watching the Emoji Gospel, if you'd like to take a step of faith in either of the ways below, please let us know!

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