You've Still Got Time for Your Summer Bucket List!

Every year I make a summer bucket list. Some years I get to most of the items on the list and accomplish them and other years, well, the list is already started for the next year because I didn’t get to any of it. Whether you borrow a list from Pinterest or come up with your own it is so fun to have things that you really want to do for the summer and actually accomplish them, no matter how simple or extravagant. CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

This year I chose 5 things that I wanted to accomplish and could realistically be done. Here are a few suggestions for you from my list!

1. Pick a baked treat that seems a little challenging but you’ve always wanted to try.

For me I chose French Macarons. Everyone says they are super challenging to make, which made me want to try it even more. The first time I attempted, I failed. But I was learned from what I did wrong and was determined to get it right the second time, and they turned out great! Way easier than I thought and all my friends loved them!

2. Create a reading challenge for yourself.

Some people love to read, and others don’t, so either way this is a good choice for you. I chose to do a devotional plan where I read the Bible in 90 days. The “Youversion” app has an awesome plan that I have been following along. It has been quite the challenge, but I have learned so much! If that’s not for you, pick your favorite kind of books and set a goal for yourself - even if it is just finishing one book. You’ll feel so good when you can cross it off your list. It is also a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

3. Plan a road trip with friends.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “WOAH! That’s a difficult one.” I’m not saying you have to drive across the country, but even if it’s a 2 hour drive to a different city in your state, go exploring. The memories made are ones that you will never forget and, personally, road trips are my absolute favorite!

4. Host a movie or game night or even a bonfire.

This would be the perfect place to share your new baked treat and hang out with your friends at the same time. During the summer I love hosting an event once a month to get all of my gal pals together at the same time and just spend quality time. Especially with a busy schedule, I can’t always make time to hang out a bunch of different times, but this way I get to hang out with everyone at the same time and have a blast!

Movie Suggestions: Pitch Perfect, Miss Congeniality, The Last Song

Game Night: Jackbox TV (Awesome large group game), Yahtzee, UNO

Bonfire: Don’t forget the blankets and the S’mores!

5. Learn a new skill or hobby

This can range from learning a new instrument or starting to knit. Choose something that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to try and just go for it. This year I really wanted to master calligraphy. I got a hand lettering book for my birthday and so this summer I finally started to use it and learn this new art form. I am by no means perfect at it but it is so fun learning another skill that I can use when I address my letters or journal in my Bible.

I hope this list gives you a little inspiration for some summertime fun. Just remember to relax, nap when you can, and enjoy the free time before life gets crazy again!

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