What 'Yes' or 'No' are You Begging For?

And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

- Romans 8:28

I remember it like it was yesterday. My parents and I set off for the University of Kentucky, unpacked my belongings, and they kissed me goodbye. I knew as soon as my parents were gone, I was officially on my own. And then sorority recruitment began.

I had no idea what to expect. I barely knew the Greek Alphabet, and couldn’t have told you more than three names of chapters on UK's campus. But I was told that I would “find my home” in one of the houses, and that my “life would change forever.”

And I suppose in some ways, it did.

After the initial shock of being a college freshman, going through sorority recruitment wore off, I started to actually really enjoy the process. I consider myself a fairly social person, and I enjoyed talking to the girls from the houses every day.

But as the week went on, I grew very attached to two of the chapters. I remember calling my mom on the phone, crying, telling her I had no idea how I was going to choose. She gave me the simplest, but best advice, “Just pray about it, sweetie.”

So I did. As soon as I hung up the phone, I closed my eyes and said, “Jesus, I know sorority recruitment is probably the last thing you’re worried about right now, but please tell me which house I’m supposed to join.”

Does that prayer sound familiar? Maybe you aren’t asking Jesus’ opinion on which sorority you should join, but you’re asking Him something else. And you’re expecting a clear answer written in the sky just for you. And it never happens.

Instead of a “yes” or “no” from Jesus, He simply spoke this into my heart, “Don’t you think that I can make you fruitful no matter where you go?”

Woah. Game changer. Of course He can. He’s God.

I recognized that Jesus had given me a choice. As He does sometimes. But this time, I made my choice with confidence, knowing that if I sought His will and obeyed Him, He would make me fruitful no matter where I ended up.

Jesus taught me, through joining a sorority, that we can’t screw up His plan for our lives by simply making one “wrong” decision. There definitely are wrong decisions, don’t misunderstand, but if we truly seek to do the will of Christ, we will live out our purpose.


1. Close your eyes and reflect. What is one area in your life that you are begging God for a clear “yes” or “no?”

2. What if the answer to that prayer isn’t so simple? What if Jesus is whispering something else to your heart? What do you think it could be?

3. What are some ways you can actively pursue obedience this week?


Jesus, thank You for always being present and attentive to us. Your word tells us that when we seek You, we always find You. Sometimes we feel like we need clear answers from You. Help us to trust that You know the way we should go, and that You will never leave us. Increase our trust in You this week.


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