The Untold Stories of Sorority Recruitment

Wet, drenched actually from the rain, I sat as a PNM (Sorority lingo for Potential New Member) in front of this beautiful upperclassman.

Nervous? You betcha!

Unsure of what to say? Oh yeah!

But there I sat, ready to begin yet another conversation about my major in hopes it would actually turn into something a little more interesting.

But instead of a conversation all I got was silence…

Not the awkward, not-sure-what-to-say 15 second silence, but complete silence for the entirety of me sitting in the chair. No joke, I sat in front of this older college woman ready to carry on a casual conversation with her and no words were uttered from her lips.

Was she nervous too? Maybe!

Did I have something in my teeth and she didn’t know how to tell me? Likely?

Was this a test? If so I would surely fail!

My extraverted heart couldn’t take it any longer! My nervous freshman self blurted, “Soooo what’s your major?”


“Where are you from?”


“What year are you?”


I swear I could hear my heart fluttering away and I was running out of questions. So I sat there for what seemed like days staring at my hands, listening to the chatter of conversations around me, and wondering why in the world this girl wouldn’t talk to me.

This is my horror story from Sorority recruitment, but I survived and a few days later I found my home at my University.

I don’t share this story to bash sorority recruitment. I am actually one of those weird people who love all things recruitment. From the screaming chants to the endless conversations. Put me in, Coach, because I love it all!

I share this story to prepare those entering into this season: you, too, will probaby have a horror story. Experiencing it may be terrible, but once it’s all over you will have a great conversation starter for later!

Here are some untold truths and tips everyone should know before entering into Sorority Recruitment:

1. You do end up paying for your friends, but they are so worth paying for!

The friends I made through my sorority were worth every penny. So embrace the stereotype of “paying for your friends,” because in a world full of free salsa, they’re the guac! Not to mention you’re paying for a lot of other things too, like food, leadership development opportunities, activities, and swag.

2. The recruitment process isn’t the most fun thing you will ever do, but the end result is worth the hard days!

Keep your eyes on the prize! In the end you will have a home away from home, friends, and lots of free stuff!

3. Yes, dress your best, but remember that weather is unpredictable.

Three out of the five days of my sorority recruitment, it rained. There we all were, trying to look our best, and instead the houses would open their doors to a bunch of sopping wet, makeup running, very cold, line of girls.

4. They’ll tell you, you can’t talk about God, but you can and should!

In most cases the active members of the sororities are not allowed to bring up God directly, but if you bring it up as a PNM they can talk about it. If it is important for you to be a part of a sorority where there are other Christian members, then bring it up in conversation. You don’t have to be weird about it, just be you about it!

5. There will be a few uncomfortable conversations, but for the most part the active sorority women do feel for you!

They were once in your shoes. They know how you feel, and most of them do care about you and how your day is going.

6. The Active Sorority Members are just as tired as you, but they’re not allowed to say anything about it.

At the end of your day during sorority recruitment the active members are still going strong and will be long into the night as the prep for the next day. So give them grace in the moment. Remember, they're just as tired as you and trying their best to convince you they got 8 hours of sleep the night before (at best they got 5)!

7. It’s a blur!

This will be a time in your life you will look back on and the only accurate word to describe it will be: blur! Truly, the days will smoosh together and the conversations will disappear from your memory. You’ll forget names, what you said, and who you even talked to. To this day I can’t remember most of the people I talked to during recruitment from my own sorority!

8. Recruitment feels like camp...a really scary camp!

Your first few days of experiencing independence will be full of schedules, weird chants, quick meals, and awkward conversations. It’s like going to camp, but at the end of it all you don’t go home. However, you will walk through the doors of your new home for the next four years. A home where you’re wanted and known. Whether it’s a home in a sorority or somewhere else at your school. So embrace the weirdness, knowing the end is really really good!

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