The 5 Worst Choices I Ever Made...And How God Still Worked Through Them

When I was younger, I...

1. Let my roommate cut my hair--I went from having a pixie cut to having bald spots I later tried to fill in with a Sharpie. God didn’t send a lightning bolt to intervene before my roommate picked up her scissors, but He did teach me life goes on with or without a terrible haircut. He taught me time fixes a lot of haircuts wounds.

2. Dated someone who was bad for me. God didn’t prevent me from dating someone who was bad for me, that was my choice. It’s what I felt like I deserved. But He used the experience to help me see how hurt people, hurt people. When I was in a hurtful relationship, I was hurtful to others, which leads me to Number 3...

3. Gossipped about two people I loved, and it got back to them. You’re only as healthy as your relationships, and when I was in an unhealthy relationship it leaked out onto other people who didn’t deserve it.

4. Dated someone who was bad for me again. If you feel dirty, you live dirty. I felt like I was a lost cause, and dated people who were attracted to lost causes. I learned how one decision, dating someone who hurt me, led to gossipping about people who loved me, and spiraled into dating another person who hurt me. God showed me that if one bad choice leads to other bad choices, the same could be true of healthy choices. One healthy choice can spark a chain reaction of other healthy decisions.

5. Reversed my car so fast it got stuck on top of a fire hydrant. God taught me to slow down. Backing out of a driveway at 50 MPH is a bad idea. Duh.

God worked through my bad decisions. He didn’t abandon me to my own devices, or throw His hands in the air and sigh, “Well, good luck getting yourself out of that one.” No, He was patient with me. He gave me second, third, and fourth chances. And guess what? I might still need a fifth, sixth, or seventh.

But the biggest lesson God’s taught (and is still teaching) me is that it’s my heart that matters more than my actions. If my heart is healthy, I make healthier decisions. If I’m believing lies about my character, or that my decisions are irreparable, then my decisions aren’t as healthy. Get your heart right with God, believe what He says about you (Psalm 139 is a great place to start), and your decisions will follow.


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