And He Saw That It Was Good

In the beginning, God … - Genesis 1:1

I don’t know about you, but this blows my mind and I can’t even comprehend it. This is the very first verse in the Bible and that’s where it starts. God just is! At the very beginning of it all there is no record of anything before Him. He is the ultimate artist and over the course of 6 days he formed the ENTIRE world. *mic drop* Like how incredible is that?

When I am reading and studying through the first chapter of Genesis I always think about it in list form. There are so many things that happen just in the first chapter of Genesis that when I make a list of what happened on each of the seven days or even the common themes, it helps me not only remember the order in but I can really feel the weight of how amazing God is in doing so. Here is an example:

In the beginning, God created,







blessed, finished,


and then saw that it was GOOD.

In a matter of six days He created the entire universe out of nothing.

On Day 1,

He created Light and Dark the Heavens and the earth and He saw that is was GOOD.

Day 2,

He separated the sky and the seas and He saw that it was GOOD.

Day 3,

He made dry land and plants and said that it was GOOD.

Day 4,

He formed the sun moon and stars and saw that is was GOOD.

Day 5,

He formed the birds and sea creatures and he saw that they were GOOD.

What blows my mind even more is that the same God who created everything in the entire world, formed YOU and ME.

So God made man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female he created them. And God Blessed them. ” - Genesis 1:27

To be created in the image of God, the one who is perfect, flawless, unconditionally loving and full of grace - how cool is it that the same God who created mountains and oceans and who separated the looked at you and thought the world needed one of YOU too?

As I reflect on this first chapter in Genesis I can’t help but be thankful. God, in and of Himself, is enough and yet He still chose to create the world and everything in it. The trees and sprinkles of rain on my face are just little reminders of how I am part of God’s big story of creation.

And he saw that YOU were very good.


1. What is one place or time that you felt the closest with God? How do you feel his presence and see his goodness around you?

2. What is the biggest question you have about creation? Is it something that you can easily believe or something that you struggle with understanding?


God, You are so good! I am in awe of who You are. Thank You for creating me in You, for creating me in Your image that I may be a part of Your big story. You have shown me who You are through Your works and all that You have made. You are the ultimate artist. Please help me to see you in everything this week. I love You! Amen.


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