Better Than the Best Bachelor

Girls all love a little bit of old-fashioned romance.

Who doesn’t go crazy over a good love story with some roses, chocolates, and fancy dinners thrown in? And we all get a little excited over the next season's handsome Bachelor on TV.

With all the romantic messages thrown at us from Hollywood and the media, it can be hard sometimes to remember a Love Story that was written for us a very long time ago. A Love Story that each one us is invited into.

You see, while this Love Story doesn’t necessarily include roses, chocolates, and fancy dinners, it does include a Savior, redemption, and freedom.

Jesus has invited you into a love story greater than anything you could ever imagine. And here are five ways that Jesus is so much better than even the most handsome and best bachelor or love story that you could ever imagine.

1. Jesus chooses you every time.

We live in a world filled with so many options. Think about going to dinner. There are sometimes so many options on the menu, it can feel impossible to pick! We can pick and choose just about anything in our lives. And sometimes in this world of options, it can be so easy to feel overlooked.

I remember one time being at a party with a bunch of people and we all decided to play a game where we needed two teams. The team captains would take turns choosing people to fill their teams. I remember watching them choose the others one by one and feeling the hurt crawl into my chest when I was the very last one chosen. I felt entirely overlooked.

In the world of romance, we can often feel like we must compete against other women for the “man of our dreams,” or we can feel like we’re not enough when we’re the last ones chosen.

With Jesus, you are chosen every time. He chooses you over and over. You are never, ever overlooked by Him.

2. Jesus loves you without condition.

This world teaches us all sorts of things about love. And if you look around you see a whole lot of divorce happening when two people decide they “don’t make each other happy” anymore and stop loving one another because of it.

The love of the world teaches us that love is selfish and that if someone does something that upsets you, then you can stop loving them.

Jesus’ love is without condition. No matter how many times you fail, His love won’t change. He loves you deeper than anyone ever could and His love lasts forever.

3. Jesus fills you with a joy not based on circumstances.

At first, love is new and exciting. When we fall in love it’s all that we can think about and it’s easy to float “on the clouds.” We are happy and act like everything will always be that bright. Perhaps that’s why it can surprise us in relationships when there are some storm clouds and things don’t always stay happy.

People fight and happiness fades, it’s a part of life. And yet, with the love of Jesus, He fills us with a joy that isn’t based on circumstances. When He gave His life up to save us, He did that once for forever. It’s a gift we can embrace every day. And that is certainly something that can fill us with a joy unlike anything we’ve ever known before.

4. Jesus knows you more intimately than anyone ever could.

Being misunderstood is not a fun feeling.

And when you get two people together, it’s easy to experience many misunderstandings.

We can only know someone so much. Even the person we are the closest to in life has parts of themselves that we will never see and sometimes not understand.

Yet because Jesus is our Creator, He knows us better than we even know ourselves. He knows every single one of our thoughts, our weaknesses, our strengths, and everything you could possibly imagine.

He knows you that intimately and He still won’t walk away. That’s pretty powerful.

5. Jesus will stick by your side no matter what.

Break-ups are a hard thing. Having someone leave you is painful. For a time you can wonder why or what you did wrong.

As humans we make mistakes. Most times daily. Or is that just me?

Sometimes our mistakes cause people we love to walk out of our lives. But the good news? Jesus will never do that. He is sticking by your side for life. There is no mistake in this world that you can make that will stop Him from loving you. There is nothing you could possibly do to make Him leave your side.

He is by your side no matter what.

And that is a comforting reassurance.


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