5 Ways to Live Freely + Lightly

Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!

- Genesis 1:31

A few years ago, we were very fortunate to spend a week in the Kgalagadi Transfortier Park. You will find the Kgalagadi where the borders of South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana meet, and the park stretches over these three countries.

As we entered the park with red dunes, dull grass plains, and chamelthorn trees, we were greeted by the sight of three lions basking in the sun right at the top of a sand dune, just lazily gazing over everyone that entered the park.

It is here, early one morning, that I discovered peace and what it really feels like to be light and free.

We were sitting at a watering hole close to our campsite. The sun was rising, the rays of light like swords fighting their way through clouds and settling on the dust. A soft, orange hue surrounded us as everything went absolutely quiet, waiting for the sun to rise.

Mother Earth was holding her breath, enjoying a few moments of serenity before her children woke up.

In that moment I realised that this is how God intended life to be for us. In harmony with earth and all His creatures. Free to just be, to enjoy His presence in nature.

But of course, we can’t always escape the chaos of our daily lives, so we must be practical in looking for ways in which we can relax, unwind, and celebrate our freedom in Christ.

Here are some ideas for simple ways to do that:

1. Play your praise and worship music loud in the car on the way to work. Sing out loud. Don’t mind the people in their own cars, fighting road rage. Just sing freely and shine. They are looking at you, wondering how you can be so happy and free.

2. Go for a walk in nature, pray while you are walking and recite some Scripture. Look for the small things and see how God leaves you little messages in the leaves, the blooming of new buds, insects scurrying around.

3. Paint, draw, build something, write, or do anything creative. I really believe that God created us in order to create. We all inherited some creativity from our Father, The Creator.

4. Work in your garden or if you don’t have a garden get some pot plants. Plant some vegetables or herbs and eventually cook with your own vegetables and herbs.

5. Care for someone else. Cook for someone that is ill. Help a stranger cross the road. There is immense joy and freedom in helping people.


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