The Freedom We Already Have

So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.

- Galatians 5:1

What would you say freedom is?

Let’s imagine for a moment that there was a child who was given a very expensive car by their parents. All the parents requested with the special gift was that their child would always bring them along on the ride. They didn’t want paid back in any way, they just wanted to spend more time with their child.

The child was so grateful for the gift. They began telling all their friends about it, but slowly they started to consider the possibility that they should pay their parents back in some way. After all, surely their parents would love them even more if they were able to pay them back a little bit for such an expensive gift. Right?

So the child got a job to save up some money. They worked long hours while the special gift they’d received stayed hidden in their garage at home. They never had time to take it out on a ride anymore because they were too busy working to earn it. They were miserable because they felt like a slave to a debt that had already been paid for them, and in the end they never got to experience a ride with their parents.

Would you say that this child was living in the freedom their parents had given them with such a selfless gift? They were free to use the gift with their parents whenever they wanted. But did they embrace that freedom?

We would all be quick to say that the child hadn’t been living in freedom at all. They were living as a slave to a debt that their parents had already paid for them.

Don’t we do the same thing, friends?

I know I have.

When I was fifteen, I became consumed with living out a set of rules I had placed on myself to try to be a “perfect” Christian. In a way I was trying to pay the debt that I could never pay and that Christ had already paid on my behalf.

The best part? When He paid that debt on my behalf, He gave me freedom in return. Freedom to love Him. Freedom to know Him. Freedom to pursue Him wholeheartedly. But I was missing it by staying in slavery to rules that I put upon myself.

And I suppose if I could tell my fifteen-year-old self one thing, I would start with this:

Following Jesus isn’t about a list of rules you’ve created for yourself, but all about a relationship with the One who just wants your heart.

I had became more like Martha in that story tucked between the text of Luke 10. Martha, who hurried around trying to do for Jesus that she completely missed out on the wonder of being with Jesus.

And isn’t that what we do too when we become so consumed with the law that we lose sight of the freedom Christ has given us? We become so caught up in doing all the things we think we’re supposed to do for Jesus that we forget He has set us free so we can be with Him.

Yes, there are boundaries. Yes, we live differently than the world because we love Jesus. But we need to stop being so consumed with the laws we create that we give up the priceless freedom Christ has given us as His daughters.

Freedom is your inheritance in Christ. All He asks is that you take the ride with Him.

Are you ready to pick up the keys and go for a ride?


1. In what ways have you lived as a slave to the law, instead of living in the freedom Christ has given you?

2. What rules or laws are you living by today that you feel God is calling you to lay down so that you can simply sit at His feet and be with Him like Mary did in Luke 10?

3. How can you remind a friend today of the inheritance of freedom we have in Christ?


Dear Jesus, thank You for the freedom You’ve given me. Thank You for paying the debt I could never pay, simply so I could be free to love You and be near You forever. I want to stop living like I’m a slave to the laws You’ve already set me free from. Help me today to live in Your freedom and be closer to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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