Spiritual Seasons: SUMMER

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

- Ecclesiastes 3:1

I know that God is with us on the mountain highs and valley lows. I know that there is a reason and purpose for every season we walk through. I know His timing is perfect and His plans for our lives are incredible.

I also know… that we would much rather live in a season of summer where the sun is shining, grass is green, birds are chirping, and the world around us is prospering. When we are in a season of summer we can clearly see how seasons of winter grew us and molded us for this moment.

God's timing is perfect every single time.

These mountain high, sweet summertime seasons are where I have learned so much about my Father. I have seen His plans for my life take form and undeniable evidence of His faithfulness.

Maybe you entered into a new relationship, just got your dream job, found a new community, or your heart was reawakened to the glory of God and you’re walking on sunshine. In these seasons where joy is overwhelming, peace is present, and love is pouring from your heart praise God.

Thank Him for providing and making a way for you in all seasons. He is the author of your life story and, trust me sister, its a bestseller time and time again. Praise Him in every season and open your heart to His plans.


1. What season do you think you’re in right now? Why?

2. What do seasons of “summer” look like to you?



Thank You for always being better than I think You are. Thank You for creating a life of prosperity and purpose for me before I was even knit in my mother's womb. I will praise You now and forever in every moment and every season, because You are a good, good Father.


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