This Could Change Everything

And yet, O Lord, You are our Father. We are the clay, and You are the potter. We all are formed by Your hand. - Isaiah 64:8

We’ve all had different experiences with our earthly fathers.

It wouldn’t be possible for me to list out all the different scenarios this piece of your life may have taken. But no matter the situation, fathers do have a profound impact on their children’s lives, whether for the good or for the bad.

For me, growing up I have wrestled with the scars caused by my relationship with my father and the hurt that still tends to linger. For my situation, my father made a profound impact on my life in a bad way.

And sometimes, even though we don’t like to admit it, our relationship with our earthly fathers can greatly impact how we view our Heavenly Father. I don’t know what that may look like for you exactly, but I know that for many of us this is true in good and bad ways.

I simply want to provide you with three ways that God as your Heavenly Father is so vastly different from an earthly father and how these three truths can ultimately change your life.

1. God’s love is unconditional. Even the most committed and loving earthly fathers have their limitations, because they are human just like we are. But God’s love is so unconditional that no sin ever committed or will be committed can ever stop it. God has loved you at your darkest moment and He will keep loving you during your darkest moments to come. He is crazy about you.

2. God is always present. The absence of an earthly father emotionally or physically can cause deep scars in the heart of his daughter. I understand, but I want you to know and hold onto a truth so much bigger than the scars your heart may be facing. Your Heavenly Father will never leave, not even for a moment. He is with you always and stands by your side through all of it. The God of everything is so crazy about you--His daughter--that He will always be present with you through even the sticky messes.

3. God will never be the One to hurt you, even when He allows hurtful things in your life. I don’t know what kind of scars you may carry around from your relationship with your earthly father, but I do know that relationships of all kinds can be hurtful at times. Although God may allow you to hurt and He will allow painful circumstances in your life at times, He does these things all for your good. You may not understand it right now, but looking back years from now or even in Heaven someday, you will understand His perfect plan in everything He asked you to walk through.

So now that we know these truths, how does this change us? How does knowing God as our perfect Heavenly Father affect our lives?

Knowing God as our Father allows us the courage to know where our true identity is, no matter what baggage may come with our earthly father relationship. When we fully understand that we are daughters of God Almighty, the King of Kings, we can rest completely in that. We don’t have to try to earn His love, we don’t have to try to be good enough, we can just rest in knowing that our Heavenly Father’s got us and nothing can take away our identity as His.

And that changes everything.


1. How has your relationship with your earthly father impacted your views of your Heavenly Father?

2. What is one way that knowing God as your Heavenly Father has changed your perspective?

3. What attribute of God as your Father is most comforting to you?


Dear God, thank You for being my perfect Father, the One who will always love me and never forsake me. Thank You for allowing my identity to rest in being Yours. Please help me to live for You and help more of your daughters to understand how their identity is wrapped up in being Yours. In Jesus’ Name, amen.



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