Do You Really Know Him?

I am the good shepherd. I know my own, and my own know me, just as the Father knows me, and I know the Father. I lay down my life for the sheep. - John 10:14-15

For years, I was stuck in a place between knowing of Jesus and truly knowing Jesus. I didn’t even actually realize that I was there until I heard others talking about certain attributes and characteristics of their relationship with Jesus that I had never felt myself before. Phrases like “best friend” and “safe harbor” were phrases that I had heard people use to describe their relationship with Jesus and eventually I started feeling like I was in the dark. Why was I not experiencing Jesus in this way? I knew that I had accepted Jesus and His salvation, but I also knew there was a disconnect somewhere.

I came to discover that the disconnect was on my part, not His. I had never truly looked at my relationship with Jesus as just that, a relationship. I had learned the facts, but had never gone deeper in my own search of who Jesus is to me. Finally, after years of misguided wandering, I set my sights on the character of Jesus. I wanted to know Him. I wanted to know Him so intimately that I could truly say He was my best friend. And guys, that is exactly what I found.

My whole outlook on life changed the very moment that I dedicated myself to getting a deeper understanding of Christ. I can say now with full confidence and pure joy that Jesus is closer than any earthly friend. A few things that changed in my life when I truly began to know Jesus were: 1. The way that I viewed everyday life and life circumstances. It was no longer earth shattering when something would go wrong or my plans were changed because now I am fully confident that with Jesus, I cannot lose.

2. The way that I viewed serving. I was no longer serving out of pure obligation but instead out of the overflow of gratitude and love that I had for Jesus and everything that He had shown me.

3. The way that I viewed people. Now that I have experienced the change that comes from a true relationship and knowing Jesus, I LONG for others to experience the same joy and freedom!

Take a moment today to analyze your relationship with Jesus… I promise it will be worth it!


1. Do I truly want to know Jesus on an intimate, life changing level? Or am I satisfied with just knowing about Him?

2. How can I intentionally seek after the true character of Jesus and deepen my relationship with Him?


God, thank You! Thank You for Your constant guidance and for being so willing to reveal Your heart to all that seek You. Help us today to recognize our true motivations and intentions for our relationship with Christ. Point us to the ways that we can deepen our relationship with Him and truly seek heart knowledge and not just head knowledge. You are so worthy of our affection! Amen.



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